Arthur K. Marshall Award

Arthur K Marshall Award LACBAThe Arthur K. Marshall Award was established by the Trusts and Estates Section of the Los Angeles County Bar Association to honor from time to time a leader of the Los Angeles area probate bar who has made an outstanding contribution to the community and the legal profession in the field of probate and trust law. The award reflects contribution and achievement in the practice of probate and trust law, in the education of the probate and trust bar, in the advancement of knowledge through publication of significant writings, or in the public service to the Bar and the community.

The first presentation was made in 1981 to the Honorable Arthur K. Marshall at a reception honoring him on his retirement from the bench. The nominees should be senior (accomplished) members of the Bar who, over their careers, have contributed to the profession and to the local bar and the award should recognize those contributions.

2016 Recipient:

Stuart D. Zimring

Past Recipients:

Arthur K. Marshall (1981)
Matthew S. Rae (1984)
Ann E. Stodden (1986)
Charles A. Collier (1989)
Edmond R. Davis (1991)
Irwin D. Goldring (1994)
Harold Weinstock (1996)
James R. Birnberg (2000)
Joseph G. Gorman, Jr. (2002)
Joseph L. Wyatt, Jr. (2007)
Susan T. House (2009)
Sandra R. Riley (2010)
Ted Calleton (2011)
Andrew S. Garb (2012)
Mitchell Beckloff (2014)
Lynard C. Hinojosa (2015)
Stuart D. Zimring (2016)