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Natasha S. Amlani


Edgar Vargas

Privacy and Cybersecurity Section Board:

Andrew Lachman, Chairperson
Natasha Amlani, First Vice Chairperson
Edgar Vargas, Second Vice Chairperson
Justin Yedor, Sector Vice Chairperson – Large Firm
Ryan White, Sector Vice Chairperson – Small Firm
Gicel Tomimbang, Sector Vice Chairperson – Academic/Government
Lyric Kaplan, Sector Vice Chairperson – In-House
Devon Frankel, Secretary

Message from the Chair

Andrew B. Lachman

On behalf of LACBA's Privacy & Cybersecurity Section, it is our pleasure to present our third edition of our newsletter. Thank you to Natasha Amlani, our Second Vice Chair who has been our editor of this great newsletter for the last two years leading the team with Edgar Vargas and Devon Frankel to assemble and edit the newsletter with our authors. As we enter our third year, our section has grown in size, activism and diversity as Los Angeles continues to become a privacy and cybersecurity focal point. We hosted social events and great panels on privacy and cybersecurity policy after the 2020 elections, worked with a number of bar association groups to put on a panel on encouraging diverse voices in privacy and cybersecurity law careers and held a tabletop exercise on responding to ransomware attacks cosponsored by the Association of Corporate Counsel. I want to thank our outgoing officers for their time and dedication to building this community. The Section is a great place to build your network, stay on top of developments in a rapidly changing field and work to prepare the next generation of privacy and cybersecurity leaders. We welcome you and encourage you to join us in 2021-22 to get involved on our Executive Committee, building a mentorship program, and contributing to this newsletter.

Andrew B. Lachman
Section Chair

Recap - Section Events

Data Privacy in Healthcare (July 21, 2021)
LACBA’s Privacy & Cybersecurity Section and the Los Angeles KnowledgeNet Chapter of the IAPP partnered to discuss data privacy in healthcare. Data privacy and security remains a concern as entities adopt technologies that enable more efficient health data sharing and access. Panelists discussed the unique data privacy considerations in healthcare.

LACBA Privacy & Cybersecurity Zoom Happy Hour (June 30, 2021)
The Privacy & Cybersecurity Section hosted virtual mixer for anyone interested in having a good time! We will meet the members of the Section and others interested in this white-hot and cutting-edge practice area. Look out for our next one! Attorneys, students, and judges are welcome.

Responding to Ransomware Threats: An Interactive Practice Session for the Board & C-Suite (June 15, 2021, 12:00-1:30 pm)
A malicious hacker is threatening to knock out a major U.S. telecommunications company unless a ransom is paid. Business will stop and lives are on the line. There is no obvious "right" decision. How should the company respond? Our exercise raised the stakes by presenting strategic problems requiring C-Suite and Board-level input to resolve. Companies across the nation are under cyber siege. Those who joined us learned how to respond accordingly.

Diverse Perspectives on Careers in Privacy and Cybersecurity (February 16, 2021, 12:00-1:00 pm)
In an effort to promote diversity and inclusion in this practice area, the Privacy & Cybersecurity Section is presenting the experiences of a diverse group of panelists. Panelists will share how they entered the field and their challenges, and discuss ways to diversify this cutting-edge area of the law further.


If you’re interested in co-hosting or planning an event with us, email our First Vice Chair, Natasha Amlani, at



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