Breakfast at the Bar

The Litigation Section's Breakfast at the Bar programs focus on hot topics that are targeted for new attorneys. Previous programs include "110 Days Before Trial", "Social Media and the Court Room", and "Winning by Default - How to Get a Judgment the Easy Way". Join the Litigation Section today and you will receive notices for upcoming Breakfast at the Bar programs.

**All of the Breakfast at the Bar programs begin with registration at 7:00 am, followed by an hour seminar from 7:30—8:30 am. A webcast option is also often available.

Past Programs

5/20/20: Making the Best Use of the Magistrate Judges in the Central District of California

Seasoned federal practitioners know that the Magistrate Judges in the Central District do much more than resolve discovery disputes and settle cases. They are among the most useful and untapped resources for litigants in the federal court system. Come join us for an informative breakfast panel discussion regarding the many ways in which savvy counsel can benefit their clients by involving a Magistrate Judge for some or all of a civil litigation matter.

We will cover such topics as the consent trial program, settlement conference and mediation program, and the benefits of being able to choose a judge with the background and expertise for your case, having one judge for all purposes, and the greater scheduling availability and flexibility of proceeding before a Magistrate Judge.

This is a program that is sure to have lessons to learn for both new and highly experienced counsel. This will be a virtual "Breakfast at the Bar" event hosted by the firm Orrick Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP via a Zoom video conference, with the opportunity to ask questions of the judges. Registrants will receive a link to join the video conference. 

4/30/19: Update and Evolution of E-Filing in the Los Angeles Superior Court The LACBA Litigation Section invites attorneys, paralegals and support staff to an informative discussion about electronic filing ("e-filing") in Limited and Unlimited Civil matters in the Los Angeles Superior Court. Hon. Samantha Jessner, the Supervising Judge of LASC's Civil Division, and Nancy Bullock, the Director of the Civil Division, will discuss e-filing best practices, the Court's experience with the e-filing system since the Court mandated e-filing for all represented litigants in January 2019, and how the e-filing systems continues to evolve.  Judge Jessner and Ms. Bullock will also be available to answer questions.  This will be a "nuts and bolts" program and support staff are strongly encouraged to attend. 

3/7/18: Civility in the Courtroom and the Practice of Law Please join us for an informative and entertaining panel discussion with the Chief Judge of the U.S. District Court, Central District of California, the Presiding and Assistant Presiding Judges of the Los Angeles County Superior Court and a former President of LACBA.  This panel will discuss our obligation to promote civility in our everyday practice and in the courtroom, while being strong advocates for our clients.  There are sure to be some good war stories and lessons to learn, so do not miss this opportunity to share in the drama. .

1/12/17: Successful Motion Practices The LACBA Litigation Section, in conjunction with the LACBA Barristers, present “Breakfast at the Bar: Successful Motion Practices.” Sitting civil Los Angeles Superior Court judges from the Personal Injury Hub, Independent Calendar Court, and Central Civil West courthouse will address practical advice, procedural tips, and best practices for bringing and opposing motions such as Motions to Quash, Motions to Compel, and Demurrers.

4/14/16: Judging Summary Judgment: Best Practices From a Judicial Perspective Winning or losing summary adjudication is often a game changer. Three experienced judges will provide their perspectives on how best to approach this critical point in a case and secure the best outcome for your client.

1/27/16: Discovery - Duking it Out, Nicely, Before Your Judge or Mediator
Presiding judges increasingly assist in the informal resolution of discovery disputes. Parties also refer disputes to mediators. Hear from sitting judges and a mediator how they handle such proceedings;the do’s and don’ts when appearing before them; and how to successfully resolve your discovery disputes in the Civil and Complex Courts, and in discovery reference proceedings.

12/3/15: Mastering Special Masters: Making Discovery Reference Proceedings Work
With court delays, parties are increasingly referring discovery disputes to private mediators. The resulting discovery orders are binding. Learn how to initiate reference proceedings, minimize costs during reference hearings, file objections to/obtain trial court adoption of the referee’s orders, and challenge sanction awards.

4/21/15: Litigating Discovery Motions in State Court – Views from the Bench and Bar 
Please join us for an informative and entertaining discussion with two L.A. Superior Court Judges and two private practice attorneys with plaintiff- and defense-side experience. This panel will explore best practices in litigating discovery motions in state court, how to narrow and best present issues for court decision, and special issues presented by electronic discovery. The panel will also lead the discussion on best practices for litigants when bringing discovery disputes to the court.  Other aspects of general state court practice will also be discussed.

11/20/14: Breakfast at the Bar: State Court Demurrer Practice—What You Need to Know
Please join us for an informative and entertaining discussion with two L.A. Superior Court Judges and two private practice attorneys with plaintiff- and defense-side experience. This panel will explore the ins and outs of demurrer practice in state court, reasons for filing and not filing demurrers based on their scope and quality, and how demurrers can become critical to a litigant's success. The panel will also lead the discussion on best practices for litigants when approaching demurrer filing decisions through the examination of best and worst case scenarios Other aspects of general state court practice will also be discussed.

12/03/13: Breakfast at the Bar — Electronic Filing in the USDC Central District: Filing Your E-Motion Without Emotion
This session will include an overview of free Internet resources and will cover areas of legal and investigative research. Learn about websites for conducting free legal research, including sites that provide case law, statutes, rules, and secondary legal materials. We will review sources for conducting investigative research on prospective clients, opposing counsel, and expert witnesses. We will also discuss the next generation of government websites including,, and Gain valuable insight into the tools, tricks, and research survival skills used by legal research librarians on a daily basis.

4/13/13: Breakfast at the Bar: 110 Days to Trial
Attendees will have the benefit of learning from one federal and one state court judge about the critical last 110 days before trial. The panel will address the many tasks that must be accomplished and the time frames that apply in order to get a case ready for trial in both the State and Federal courts. Included in topics to be addressed will be final non-expert discovery, expert designations and depositions, Motions for Summary Judgment, Motions in Limine and working with and preparing witnesses, and organization of documents to best prepare yourself and your client for trial.