Family Law Section

The Family Law Section is committed to:

  • Educating section members.
  • Drafting amicus briefs and proposing legislation.
  • Encouraging ethical conduct.
  • Developing and improving standards of practice.
  • Encouraging and promoting pro bono opportunities.
  • Providing a forum through which family law practitioners may cooperate with, encourage and assist each other in the resolution of problems and practice issues.
  • Fostering communication between Los Angeles County Bar Association members and other groups.

What We Do

  • Educate attorneys and the public
  • Comment on proposed legislation and promulgate new legislation
  • Work with judicial officers and court staff to improve the administration of justice
  • Support organizations that provide free and low cost legal services



2018 Family Law Section Dinner Dance and Installation of Officers

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2017 Family Law Section Dinner Dance and Installation of Officers

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2016 Family Law Section Dinner Dance and Installation of Officers

On September 24, 2016, the Family Law Section Dinner Dance and Installation of Officers took place at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills. This year's event was a sell-out and featured a wonderful reception followed by dinner and dancing.

The Honorable Maren E. Nelson, Supervising Judge of the Family Law Division of the Los Angeles Superior Court, administered the oath of office, installing the newly elected officers of the Family Law Section.

The Spencer Brandeis Award was presented to Lynette Berg Robe in recognition of her dedicated service to the Family Law Section and the Family Law community.

The Family Law Section also announced, as part of the evening’s festivities, that the section’s annual Trial Institute will be officially named the Sorrell Trope Family Law Trial Institute in honor of Sorrell Trope as recognition of longtime dedication and service to the section.

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Family Law Resources


Martin E. Shucart Electronic Library

The Martin E. Shucart Electronic Library is a compendium of resources relating to family law.
"Marty" was a member of the executive committee of the Los Angeles County Bar Family Law Section. He was a fine family lawyer and one of the champions of using new technology in the practice of law. He hosted one of the first online family law discussion groups — a precursor to our popular "listserve."

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