Barristers/Young Attorneys Section

Effective October 17, 2018:

Barristers Formally Changes its Name to Barristers/Young Attorneys Section.

Statement About the Name Change:

Our Executive Committee came to the realization that no one knew what “Barristers” meant when they first heard it, and many would have gotten involved sooner if they had.  We want to encourage new and young lawyers in the community to check us out, and that starts with understanding who we are.

We are the section for young attorneys, under the age of 36, and for attorneys in their first 5 years of practice.  So, we surveyed the bar association landscape and arrived at Barristers/Young Attorneys Section. 

Come enjoy our events while you’re still young!

Jessica G. Gordon, 2018-2019 President
LACBA Barristers/Young Lawyers Section


The Barristers/Young Attorneys Section of the Los Angeles County Bar Association (Barristers/Young Attorneys) has been active for over 70 years and continues to bring professional development and opportunity-related services to young lawyers and the Los Angeles County community. If you are a member of LACBA and are younger than 36 years of age or have been admitted to practice for 5 years or less, you qualify as a Barrister.

The mission of Barristers/Young Attorneys is to provide opportunities for new and young lawyers to develop legal skills, build a professional reputation, network beyond each member's workplace and promote public service projects. Barristers/Young Attorneys activities also provide a forum for new and young lawyers to develop leadership skills and to interact with judges, experienced attorneys, as well as other Barristers/Young Attorneys members.


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