Appellate Courts Section

The Appellate Courts Section provides continuing legal education seminars concerning state and federal appellate practice, strives to improve the administration of appellate justice by working with the appellate courts and serving as a bridge between the bench and the bar, provides a forum for professional networking among members of the appellate bar, and seeks to improve appellate practice by monitoring and evaluating proposals affecting appellate practice and recommending changes to relevant statutes and rules.

The Appellate Courts Section has partnered with Public Counsel's new Appellate Law Program to provide pro bono assistance to eligible civil litigants in the Second Appellate District. The pilot program includes a walk-in, self-help clinic staffed by Public Counsel at the Second Appellate District courthouse in downtown Los Angeles. Committee members can volunteer in different ways.

  • Take a Case. Represent an indigent civil litigant in eligible cases as posted on our website.
  • Answer Walk-In Questions. Staff the Appellate Law clinic for a couple of hours and answer routine questions from walk-ins.
  • Evaluate A Record. Examine, from an appellate perspective, whether the case presents potentially meritorious issues and make a recommendation to the Appellate Law clinic.
  • Mentor An Attorney. Guide an attorney who has taken an appeal pro bono from the Appellate Law clinic but has limited appellate experience.

We will announce new eligible cases requiring pro bono assistance by way of email to members of the Appellate Courts Section.

Section resources and documents will be added here as they become available.




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