What Attendees of LACBA’s 40-Hour Mediation Training Are Saying

The Los Angeles County Bar Association’s 40-Hour Mediation Training is beginning its second year. Here’s what attendees are saying about LACBA’s 40-Hour Mediation Training:

Excellent Program! Thank you making a non-lawyer feel welcome. I am looking forward to putting all my new skills into practice.

I thought the training was fantastic and so appreciate the staff who helped and the expertise of the teachers.

Excellent program.

Really well-designed course. Thanks.

Excellent program. Valuable information and skills taught. Very engaging and knowledgeable speakers.

Far exceeded my expectations. The combination of lectures and roll plays helped illustrate the mediation process in an engaging and informative way.

Very instructive and attentive to student’s questions and spent additional time during breaks to provide guidance.

I thought the program exceeded my expectations.

Notwithstanding 34 years of practice, I leave with a more profound understanding of the benefit, complexity, and need for qualified mediators.

The speakers and role playing were excellent.

This program was extremely well-designed and carried out.

Excellent introduction to mediation. Highly recommended for anyone interested in entering the field.

Thorough, interesting, and motivating. Great class!

Loved this program so much. It was a great choice for me as I head into my career.

Amazing program. Speakers were great!

I really enjoyed the content and exercises. Instructors were great and engaging.

Overall, excellent presentation with opportunities for interaction and participation.

This program was well done. The faculty was great. Special thank you to staff who took such great care of us.

Loved this 40-hour course. Jack Goetz is warm, friendly, and an expert in his field.

LACBA’s 40-Hour Mediation Training introduces the core principles and methods of alternative dispute resolution. This training program provides a strong foundation in mediation skills through lecture, small group exercises, and role-playing, and is rich in both theory and practice. The training program fulfills the training requirements of all local courts and the California Dispute Resolution Programs Act.

To get on the waiting list for the next installment of LACBA’s 40-Hour Mediation Training, visit the training site page, here.