My LACBA App Forums and Messages

The My LACBA App offers you new, convenient ways to communicate with your section members.


The quickest way is to use the app's Messages feature.  Simply open the app and tap the Messages icon.




At the top, choose between a direct message to go to someone, or set up groups (perhaps specific committees within your section, for example).   


From there, tap the + symbol in the upper right.  This now lets you choose all the people you want to send your message to.  Only registered app users will appear here, so if you don't see some of your section members and colleagues, then encourage them to download the app!

Once you choose the members to reach out to, simply type your message, and feel free to include attachments!


The new Forums are important communications features of the app.  Each section has its own category, and you can create forums, ask/answer FAQs, and upload attachments.

App Forums

Tap the Forums icon, choose your category, and then begin the forum by tapping the + symbol (upper right) and write your message.

Click here for the video of all the app's features:

My LACBA Video Cover



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