Independent Juvenile Defender Program Application

If you would like to apply to be a member of the Independent Juvenile Defender Program, please complete the following application.  Once the application is submitted, you will be contacted by someone from our office for follow up.

Are you a LACBA member?

Have you been the subject of discipline by the State Bar of California or by the Bar of any other state?

I agree to waive confidentiality for the sole purpose of enabling the State Bar of California to notify the Los Angeles County Bar Association's Independent Juvenile Defender Program of the status of any disciplinary proceeding pending against me.

Please note, applicants must have completed twelve (12) hours of relevant State Bar approved Continuing Legal Education (CLE) annually and must continue to do so while a member of the Independent Juvenile Defender Panel.  A minimum of twelve (12) hours annually must be in the field of criminal law or juvenile delinquency, preferably a combination of both. At least nine (9) hours must be classroom-participation (no tapes or other self-study accepted).  However, up to three (3) participatory hours will be acceptable (tapes or other self-study.  You will be asked to provide proof of completion when the application is being reviewed for possible membership on the Independent Juvenile Defender Panel. 

If you are invited to participate on the Independent Juvenile Defender Panel, you must be compliant with the requirements of AB 703 and California Rules of Court, rule 5.664 prior to accepting any appointments by the court.  

Membership in the Los Angeles County Bar Association or other bar association is not a precondition to service on an Independent Juvenile Defender Panel. If requested, all Applicants will be required to furnish a detailed history of their background and experience in criminal law for the purpose of classification by the Independent Juvenile Defender Committee.

Resume:  Please attach a resume including your education and prior work experience.  Please include dates.

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