2021 CLE-in-a-Box Program Descriptions


Ethics All You Need to Know 2020 
4 Hrs Legal Ethics
LACBA’s Professional Responsibility and Ethics Committee presents its 15th annual Ethics Seminar. Learn about important ethical issues that have a direct impact on the practice of law from experts in the field and acquire 4 hours of ethics MCLE. 

Substance Abuse and Addiction Treatment: Issues Facing the Practicing Lawyer  
1 Hr Competence Issues
Practicing law is a high-risk profession as evidenced by the fact that approximately 25% of all lawyers experience some form of substance abuse and/or depression. The expert panel for this program includes an attorney covering legal issues connected with addiction issues. Also, a registered nurse will cover addiction rehab issues and a board-certified family medicine physician with a specialty in addiction medicine will cover addiction treatment.

Me Too and Labor Law (in Hollywood)  
1 hr Recognition and Elimination of Bias in the Legal Profession and Society
Labor lawyers and others discuss the #MeToo movement in Hollywood and how the guilds are addressing related issues in their agreements.

Mediation Strategy and the Art of the Settlement  
3 hr CLE
This program has two panels. The first, “Top 5 Mistakes Litigators Make in Mediation,” covers common mistakes attorneys of all levels make related to mediation. Here, experienced mediators and litigators discuss the best practices for mediation preparation, various mediation techniques, and psychological factors. Secondly, “The Art of Settlement Agreements” covers settlement in mediations, the mediation privilege, class action settlements, the impact of the new anti-confidentiality requirements of SB 820 on the settlement of sexual harassment claims, and the enforcement of settlement agreements.

Demystifying LA City's Cannabis Licensing & Regulatory Program: How did we get here & where are we going?  
1 hr CLE
An intimate conversation about cannabis licensing, regulation, and enforcement in the City of Los Angeles with Cat Packer (Executive Director, Los Angeles Department of Cannabis Regulation) and Robert Ahn (President, Los Angeles Cannabis Regulation Commission).

Independent Physician Reimbursement Issues and Legal Solutions 
1 hr CLE
This program focuses on Independent Physicians reimbursement issues and legal solutions. The experts will discuss every aspect of obtaining proper reimbursement for non-contracted care.  

You Can Trademark a Smell or Sound? D'oh! 
1 hr CLE
This program covers IP issues that arise in the entertainment industry, including the plusses and minuses of seeking to register and enforce non-traditional trademarks and trade dress and the numerous IP issues that arise in celebrity look-alike disputes.

Non-Traditional Trademarks - Assists in-house and outside counsel advise their clients on strategies to identify, protect, and enforce non-traditional trademark and trade dress rights. Includes discussion of protection for sound, color, shape, scent, taste, texture, motion, video game designs, website layouts, and the appearance of smart phone apps, and the challenges in protecting these types of marks.

Celebrity Look-Alike Disputes - In addition, speakers discuss the various trademark, right of publicity, copyright, and other issues related to celebrity look-alike disputes, and discuss strategies for clients to consider in protecting their rights and minimizing risk.


Office/Retail Leasing 101: Key Strategies for Negotiating the Small(ish) Deal  102419RPS
1 hr CLE
This program covers landlord and tenant perspectives on key issues such as rent commencement date, operating expenses, assignment/subletting, and remedies and landlord approval criteria.

How to Craft Strong, Enforceable Settlement Agreements 
1 hr CLE
With nearly 96% of legal disputes being resolved in settlement, crafting strong, enforceable settlement agreements is critical. Most attorneys prepare to negotiate their case, but few get ready to write an effective settlement agreement that optimally addresses all issues between the parties and comports with statutory requirements. Learn about the overlooked do’s and don’ts of crafting enforceable settlement agreements and how to convert the risks, delays, and expenses of lawsuits into favorable solutions for your clients. 

The Future of Recycled Drinking Water in Los Angeles County 
1 hr CLE
This program features drinking water experts, including a regulator, discussing how large-scale recycled water drinking projects will change the supply in Southern California and the potential challenges to achieving success.

It's a Crime (Maybe): Dealing with Concurrent Workplace and Criminal Investigations
1 hr CLE
The program will discuss the intersection between workplace investigations into misconduct allegations and concurrent criminal investigations into the same issues. During the program, particular emphasis will be placed on recent #MeToo investigations as well as investigations into alleged misconduct allegations committed by public officials.

Discussion of New Bankruptcy Laws to Help Small Business Owners
1 hr CLE
Effective February 19, 2020, the new laws and how they will help financially distressed small businesses, disabled veterans and family farmers going forward. This program covers the following substantive changes: new changes to the Small Business Reorganization Act that provide opportunities for small business owners to reorganize and avoid the pitfalls of chapter 11; appointment and role of the chapter V trustee in Small Business Reorganization Cases; Discussion of chapter 12 Family Farmer Relief Act and the increased debt limits to reflect economic challenges in the agricultural industry; and The HAVEN Act which modifies how income is calculated during bankruptcy proceedings for veterans. 

Common Mistakes Real Estate Attorneys Make When Drafting Documents 
1 hr CLE
Every day across the country, real estate lawyers are drafting contracts that cannot be enforced because they weren’t drafted correctly. The law of contracts has numerous pitfalls and common drafting mistakes expose your clients to unnecessary risk. Speakers will guide you through typical real estate contract provisions and show you how to navigate around drafting landmines. 

SB 1437 New Law on Accomplice Liability 
1 hr CLE
Overview of change to felony murder, the natural and probable consequence doctrine in homicide cases, and the application of new Penal Code section 1170.95. 

Reservation of Rights Under Title Insurance Policies: Uses and Abuses 
2 Hr CLE
The Title Insurance Subsection presents an overview on an insurer's reservation of rights with a focus on its application in the title insurance industry. This program includes an examination of the various uses and abuses pertaining to an insurer's exercise of a reservation of rights. 

COVID-19 and the Mainstreaming of TeleHealth 
1 hr CLE
The COVID-19 pandemic is fundamentally transforming telehealth in the American healthcare system. In recent months, medical providers across the United States started, revamped and expanded their virtual care capabilities. This program focuses on issues related to the mainstreaming of telehealth as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Design-Build: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly 
1 hr CLE
The move by owners away from Traditional Design-Bid-Build project delivery to Design-Build (D/B) contracts is perhaps the fastest-growing trend today in the use of various alternative project delivery methods. Design-Build is an integrated contracting approach that provides the owner a single point of responsibility for both design and construction services. Owners often believe that by shifting the risk of design to the D/B contractor, they may better manage their risk for cost overruns and delay. Unfortunately, an owner’s reliance on this contracting strategy has not proven to be the panacea for the elimination of all claims. This program will address both the legal and technical issues inherent in the use of D/B contracts. 

Emerging Environmental Issues in Project Development: A Conversation about How Today’s CEQA, Housing and Transportation Issues Will Shape California 
1.5 hrs CLE
Given Southern California’s unique history, development profile and regulatory environment, new development projects face unique challenges and hurdles. This panel covers emerging issues in project development from the perspective of project proponents and advocates for the environment, including a lively discussion on how professional adversaries can find common ground to resolve even the most contentious disputes. Topics will include possible impacts of proposed federal changes in transportation pollution limits on CEQA review, calculation of greenhouse gas offsets for large scale housing and commercial projects as part of CEQA review, impacts on housing and historic preservation as a result of the passage of AB 1197 which exempts certain shelter and homeless housing projects from CEQA review, measurement of local traffic impacts under CEQA (SB 743), and the impact of these emerging issues on the CEQA process for large-scale projects.

End of List - 18 programs - 25 hours