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The 2022 CLE-in-a-Box is approved for CLE credit through Feb 1, 2022. On Demand purchasers must complete viewing within 6 months of purchase.

25 Hour CLE FAQs and Rules

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2022 CLE-in-a-Box Program Descriptions

Setting Goals for Work-Life Balance
1 hour of Competence Issues credit
The author of Your Goal Guide rolls out a system that helps you determine what you want and how to achieve it. Learn how to create a mission and motto, prioritize “want-tos” over “have-tos”, and find an ideal work-life balance.

Equal Pay Laws: What You Need to Know
1 hour of Elimination of Bias credit
Gain a working knowledge of equal pay within multiple industries, from employment and labor to health care, technology and more. What you need to know concerning equal pay legislation and case law within a rapidly changing legal landscape.

Loan Modifications
1 hour of CLE credit
The pandemic has resulted in an increase in rent non-payments, supply chain disruptions, and delayed projects. An expert panel examines loan modification issues and concerns from the perspective of both lender and borrower.

Lease Renegotiations in the Age of COVID
1 hour of CLE credit
Expert panelist, Tom Turner, brings a unique business and legal perspective to this rapidly changing topic. Explore structures for renegotiating leases in the face of COVID-19 and discuss the many related considerations and strategies for both tenants and landlords.

Employee Mobility: Goodbye Intellectual Property?!
1 hour CLE credit
Representing industries from tech to entertainment, panelists share best practices and methods to identify proprietary information developed by employees and contractors, and to deal with the “leakage” of such proprietary information when personnel come and go.

Federal District Court Demystified
1 hour of CLE credit
A former Chief U.S. Magistrate Judge for the Central District of CA discusses best practices in appearing before federal district court judges and magistrate judges, challenging delays and denials (including injunctive relief), habeas corpus petitions, and TROs in emergency situations.

Election Driven Tax and Estate Planning Strategies
1 hour of CLE credit
A discussion of estate and income tax planning strategies in anticipation of changes following the November 2020 election.

Can You Ever Meet the "Clear & Convincing" Evidence Standard to Save the Gift to a Prohibited Transferee?
1 hour of CLE credit
Discussion includes categories of persons to whom “donative transfers” are presumptively assumed to be the product of fraud, certificates of independent review, and the difficulty in satisfying the “clear and convincing” evidence standard required to overcome the presumption.

Elimination of Bias: Women Empowerment Strategies
1 hour of Elimination of Bias credit
A dynamic panel of successful female attorneys share insights on the elimination of bias in the workplace, discussing challenges facing female real estate attorneys, ways to navigate a male-dominated industry, and tips for success.

Legal Writing for Real Estate Attorneys
1 hour of CLE credit
A highlight of abbreviations, words, and phrases that can challenge real estate lawyers and professionals, including those that are used interchangeably but don’t have the same meaning. Great for new real estate professionals and a refresher for seasoned pros.

Dog and Pony Show: Legislative and Case Updates
1 hour of CLE credit
An overview of the new legislation and caselaw in the Trust and Estates area.

A Leaky Boat on a Choppy Sea: A Very Timely Bankruptcy Primer for Small Businesses
1 hour of CLE credit
A review of bankruptcy options and the reasons why a small business debtor might choose to—or not to—proceed under SBRA’s new Subchapter V in Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code plus discussions on important rounding provisions and benefits.

Rounding Time: The CA Supreme Court’s Decision Meal Breaks in Donohue
1 hour of CLE credit
A panel addresses of the future of meal breaks following the California Supreme Court decision in Donohue, its impact on navigating meal breaks plus related wage and hour laws, and what considerations are raised during the pandemic.

Mediation Advocacy: Everything You Wanted to Know
1 hour of CLE credit
Professional mediators discuss preparing cases and clients, advocacy at mediations, documenting settlements, using Zoom, and follow ups plus mediation confidentiality and an alternate approach to the Evid. Code Sec. 1129 mediation client disclosure.

Appellate Moot Court Programs: How Can You Benefit?
1 hour CLE credit
Explore the development of local and national appellate moot court programs: how they operate, who is involved, and benefits, including how local appellate practitioners can improve their appellate advocacy.

Finding Assessing and Managing Expert Witnesses
1 hour Legal Ethics credit
A critical part of practicing law, learn the best practices for finding, retaining and managing expert witnesses. Presented by Round Table Group, which has been finding witnesses in all areas for 30 years.

So, Your Client Wants to Sue the Internet?
1 hour of CLE credit
Going head-to-head with social media behemoths, maintaining privacy suits in a not-so-private world, protecting minors and the public at large, and upholding the fundamental values of the First Amended are part of a panel discussion on the legal, cultural, and ethical factors impacting free speech in the cyberworld.

Informal Discovery Conferences with Your Judge: Everything You Need to Know to Efficiently Resolve Discovery Disputes
1.25 hours of CLE credit
Discovery motions are costly and time consuming while Informal Discovery Conferences with judges can be quick, inexpensive, and an effective way to resolve discovery disputes and avoid needless motion practice. Program speakers explain IDC best practices.

Recovering Attorney’s Fees in Bankruptcy Court Litigation
1.25 hours of CLE credit
Recoverability of attorney’s fees in bankruptcy proceedings have changed. Listen in on an in-depth discussion of the availability of attorney’s fees in litigating issues in bankruptcy court, including contractual attorney’s fees provisions under California law, and an overview of the strategies for both creditors and debtors to pursue and recover attorney’s fees.

Tax and Estate Planning for US Persons with Foreign Assets
1.25 hours of CLE credit
Learn what to look for when planning for a U.S. person with foreign assets:  how to take title, including foreign entity options; key possible income tax issues; estate planning documents to consider; and U.S. tax compliance matters. Learn from cross-border experts with experience spanning Latin America, Asia, Europe, Australia, Canada, and the Middle East.

Remote Depositions: The Benefits and Pitfalls of Taking Them
1.25 hours of CLE credit
A how-to on noticing, taking, and utilizing remote depositions within and outside the state of California, plus how to address difficult questions and procedural issues that may arise and a review of the key statutes that apply to this form of discovery.

The Psychology of Settlement - Judgement and Decision Making
1.5 hours of CLE credit
Learn how to notice, take, and utilize remote depositions within and outside the state of California, plus how to address difficult questions and procedural issues that may arise, including a review of the key statutes that apply to this form of discovery.

Nuts and Bolts: Pre-Judgement Remedies
1.5 hours of CLE credit
Deliver tangible value and avoid paper judgments with tools that can secure assets prejudgment, including writs of attachment, writs of possession, injunctions, and appointment of receivers. Learn practical steps obtain prejudgment remedies. Includes practical guidance and exemplars for navigating complex procedures and adding value for clients.

Ethics: All You Need to Know 2021, Part 1 of 2
2 hours of Legal Ethics credit

Ethics: All You Need to Know 2021, Part 2 of 2
2 hours of Legal Ethics credit
LACBA’s Professional Responsibility and Ethics Committee’s 16th annual ethics seminar is a two-part presentation that provides an opportunity to learn about important ethical issues that have a direct impact on the practice of law from the top practitioners in the field.