CLE Anytime Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What are Audio CD Programs?
CD programs are programs that are available for playback on compact disc. These are audio programs and can be played on standard audio compact disc players in most cars, computers, mobile devices and home systems that play audio compact discs. An accompanying data disc will provide a digital copy of any program materials that were provided for the original event.

What are Live Webcasts?
A Live Webcast is a broadcast of an in-person program that is taking place at a specific time and place. You can register from anywhere in the world and watch from your computer or mobile device. If you are interrupted or unable to watch at the time of the event, you have up to 30 days to view it.

What are On Demand Replays?
An On Demand Replay is a recorded program that was previously held in person or online. The recording of the presentation will contain materials, either in the form of a slideshow or a downloadable PDF.

What is the Calendar of Live Events?
The Calendar of Live Events lists live LACBA/LACBA Section events. Live events provide the opportunity for in-person interaction, including content related interactions, natural networking and social interactions.

How long after viewing the program will I receive my certificate?
Your certificate will be sent via email within 2-3 business days of your viewing completion. In the case that you do not receive it, please contact LACBA Member Services.

Viewer Related Questions

What is LACBA’s Viewer?

LACBA’s online audio/video player, powered by Mediasite, allows registered participants to view Live or On Demand presentations—including synchronized support materials such as Power Point slide images—using your Web browser.

What computer equipment will I need to view a LACBA Video Presentation?

The computer, software, or device requirements may change as Mediasite patches or upgrades the LACBA Viewer.

Please click this link for the most current system requirements:!Documents/requirements.htm

What if I can’t view a presentation?

The first step is to ensure that your computer or device is powered on and connected to the internet. A regularly updated Mediasite Player Help guide is available here to help with subsequent troubleshooting efforts:!Documents/gettingstarted.htm

If you are unable to view Mediasite Player Help please contact LACBA Member Services.

How do I restart the seminar if I stop it or get disconnected?

Re-launch your web browser and click on the link provided by LACBA. You may use the scroll bar to advance to your desired position in the video.

LACBA’s viewer buffers in the middle of a video and/or the video seems really choppy.

If there is a lot of internet traffic on the network you are watching from, the seminar will slow down. 

Wireless internet connections occasionally slow the video stream down, causing the video to require buffering.

In the rare case that a Live Webcast appears choppy during live playback, know that it will stream more smoothly upon replay. In this case, wait until a couple hours after the program has concluded and watch during the replay period.

How do I test my system to ensure I can tune into a Live Webcast?

Please click on this link to access a test presentation:

If you experience issues with plug-in compatibility, there is a link at the top with some additional information and steps that should help identify and overcome any technical hiccups before the time when you want to tune into the Live Webcast.

Viewer Controls Questions


How do I Play, Pause, and Skip Back?

For navigation directions please click on the following link and when the Mediasite Player Help window opens, click on the Navigate Player heading on the left:

How do I access Program Materials?

Any attached program materials can be downloaded by first clicking the "info" button in the bottom right area of the player.


Then the info screen will pop up containing a link to the program materials, as seen below:

Simply click the Program Materials link and open or download.