2020 CLE-in-a-Box Program Descriptions

2018 Ethics - All You Need to Know  011219LAC
4 Hrs Legal Ethics
LACBA’s Professional Responsibility and Ethics Committee 14th Annual Ethics Seminar covers important ethical issues that have a direct impact on the practice of law from leading practitioners in the field. Topics include:

  • Ethics Highlights of 2018
  • Navigating the New Rules of Professional Conduct
  • Conflicts, Conflicts, Conflicts—What the New Rules and the Sheppard Mullin v. J-M Case have to Say
  • Fools and their Money are Soon Parted: An Overview of New RCP Governing Client Trust Fund Transactions and How to Deal with Fee Disputes and Divisions of Fees

Drug Addiction Effects on Your Client and You  
1 Hr Competence Issues
Originally presented as part of a full day program for LACBA’s Indigent Criminal Defense Appointment Panel, this program helps attorneys evaluate the underlying problems with drug addiction for clients, other attorneys or themselves.

Breakfast at the Bar: Transgender and Non-Binary Californians: Elimination of Bias Through Education and Awareness  
1 hr Recognition and Elimination of Bias in the Legal Profession and Society
This program presents terminology and definitions of terms related to Transgender and Non-Binary Californians, basics of issues facing these Californians, both in public life and in the court system, what efforts California is making to be inclusive of these individuals and address the issues facing them. Access to justice is a continuing problem and as society changes, so do access issues. As practitioners, it is important to stay ahead of these issues, both to adequately serve our clients and to make our state more welcoming to all Californians.

Entertainment Law Year in Review  
1 hr CLE
Please join us for a discussion about the latest cases, developments and trends in Entertainment, Media and IP Law.  The speakers share their insight into some of the most influential cases and developments from 2018 in a variety of entertainment practice areas comprising, including Contracts / Profits, Media, Music, Film/TV, Trademark, Copyright, Labor and Employment (featuring #MeToo issues), and more.

The Emergence of Cannabis in CA Real Estate  
1 hr CLE
The legalization and regulation of cannabis in California has led to dramatic growth in the commercial production, distribution and retail sale of cannabis, as well as ancillary goods/service providers.   It has also created many questions and uncertainties for professionals advising these businesses.  This comprehensive program examines California cannabis law providing a contextual overview of legislative and industry trends, the contrast between federal, State and local law, ethical considerations for practitioners, and major issues faced by landlords and lenders seeking to serve the cannabis industry.

Cannabis & IP: Trademark, Trade Secrets, Patents - How to Protect Brands and Business Operations in the Emerging Cannabis Industry 
1 hr CLE
As the cannabis industry continues to explode (US market was estimated at $8.3 Billion for 2017 and is projected to reach $25 Billion by 2025), protecting brand names, trade secrets and innovations is critical to sustainability and growth.  Practitioners and business owners must be able to navigate the often-murky waters of IP protection in an industry that remains illegal under federal law. Join us for a comprehensive and practical panel discussion on the leading intellectual property issues and strategies in the cannabis industry, including trademark, trade secret, patents and licensing agreements.  

SB 1437 New Law on Accomplice Liability 
1 hr CLE
This program provides an overview of changes to felony murder and the natural and probable consequence doctrine in homicide cases and the application of new Penal Code section 1170.95.

Internet, Mobile, and Digital Law: Latest Trends and What to Know for 2019  
1 hr CLE
This program is specifically designed to help in-house and outside counsel stay abreast of recent developments, key issues and trends in Internet Law affecting digital media and entertainment for 2019 and beyond. Topics include:

  1. California's Consumer Privacy Act – the new frontier for litigation and what it may mean for your company
  2. Revisiting links, in-line links, embedded links and frames, in view of recent case law
  3. DMCA law: Reconciling different Ninth Circuit opinions on scope and red flag awareness
  4. The impact of the Music Modernization Act on the DMCA and pre-72 sound recording cases presently in litigation
  5. CDA law – do the 2018 FOSTA/SESTA amendments to the CDA make any difference for your business (and if so, what you should do about it)?
  6. Terms of Use/Privacy Policies, Mobile and online contract formation and arbitration law update
  7. TCPA Circuit Split and what that means for mobile marketing

Elder Abuse Claims and Challenges to Real Estate Transactions 
1 hr CLE
In light of the Financial Elder Abuse statutes, can a transaction be set aside simply because the elder or dependent adult changes his or her mind?   Does the Financial Elder Abuse statute apply when the elder or dependent adult has the mental capacity to do the transaction?  How do claims of undue influence impact the Financial Elder Abuse statute and what are the rights of a third party bona fide purchaser/encumbrancer?  This program addresses issues arising from the transactions involving elder or dependent adults. The issues discussed provide guidance and practical pointers to both transactional and litigation counsel.

How to Avoid Malpractice: What Every Lawyer Should Know About Guarantees from Title Insurance Companies 
1 hr CLE
This program describes several of the most commonly obtained guarantees that are available (e.g. Litigation, Lot Book, Subdivision, Trustee’s Sale, Chain of Title, Mechanics’ Lien, Judgment and Tax Lien, Property Search) and why it may be malpractice per se to fail to obtain one for your clients.

Top 10 Things Landowners and their Lawyers Need to Know about Seeking Land Use Entitlements for Infill and Greenfield Development Projects 
1 hr CLE 
Prior to acquiring land or pursuing any sort of land use or regulatory permit from a local, state or federal agency, one needs to consider several issues.  This interactive workshop walks you through the key items to consider.  Key legal issues are discussed, along with informative war stories.  The presenters have substantial backgrounds in representing both applicants and public agencies on projects of all asset classes.

Top 10 Pet Peeves of the Probate Court 
1 hr CLE
Judge Daniel Juarez and Judge Brenda Penny present the “Top Ten Pet Peeves” of the Probate Court. This presentation advises counsel on pitfalls they may want to avoid and highlight some best practices appreciated by the court.

Top 10 Things to Know about Canada and U.S. Trademark Law 
1 hr CLE
This joint breakfast/webinar by the Los Angeles County Bar Association’s Entertainment Law and Intellectual Property Section and International Law Section, and the Bar of Montreal addresses the more important issues involved in selection and protection of brands in both Canada and the United States, with attention to the new trademark system which were introduced in Canada in June 2019, along with adherence to the Madrid Protocol. 

It's a Crime (Maybe): Dealing with Concurrent Workplace and Criminal Investigations 
1 hr CLE
The program examines the intersection between workplace investigations into misconduct allegations and concurrent criminal investigations into the same issues. During the program, particular emphasis is placed on recent #MeToo investigations as well as investigations into alleged misconduct

Immigration Law Case Strategies & Policy Updates (2018) 
2 Hr CLE
Covers topics related to I-9 audits, enforcement, re-verification, and work-site enforcement, as well as AB 450, a new state statute that addresses immigration enforcement issues in the State of California.

Records of Survey and the Land Surveyor’s Act 
1 hr CLE
What is the importance of the Professional Land Surveyors’ Act?  What is a Record of Survey, when is it needed, and what are the requirements?  What are the effects of conflicting surveys and how can you resolve them?  This program examines the importance of the Professional Land Surveyors' Act (Business and Professions Code §§ 8700 – 8805) including when to file a Record of Survey, and how to navigate issues arising out of conflicting surveys including disagreements with the County Surveyor.

Wow! Why Didn't I Think of That? (Construction Law Tips) 
1 hr CLE
The advent of the computer, the Internet and social media have changed the way we practice law. But some things never change—attorneys who know the “tricks of the trade” get better results for their clients. Our diverse panel of experienced attorneys and experts reveal the practices they employ to maximize the chance of success for their clients and how those practices have evolved over time. Learn what works and what pitfalls to avoid. This program offers real-life examples that you can immediately begin to employ in your practice. Categories include pre-litigation investigation, obtaining information from the CSLB, discovery, electronic discovery and cross-examination.

Healthcare Innovators: Digital Health Startups and What You Need to Know to Represent Them 
1.5 hrs CLE
This program highlights the key legal issues for health care startup companies throughout their life cycles, and the unique challenges that health care entities face in translating innovation into commercial and clinical practice.  The session provides both an overview and real-life examples of ways to address corporate formation/governance, FDA regulation, corporate practice of medicine, fraud and abuse, privacy, Intellectual Property (copyright, trademark and patent) and enhanced licensing strategies.

Nuts and Bolts: Post-Judgment Remedies - Collecting on a Judgment 
2 Hrs CLE
This nuts and bolts post-judgment enforcement program shares the knowledge, skill and strategy to help practitioners provide tangible value to clients beyond a mere paper judgment.  You will learn the practical steps to successfully collect on a judgment, including locating assets and individuals, placing liens on discovered assets, obtaining assignment orders to collect from third parties, conducting effective debtor and third-party examinations, and navigating the complexities of exemptions and third-party rights, along with extra-judicial recoveries and bankruptcy considerations.

Top Real Estate and Title Cases of 2018 
1 hr CLE
This program covers important cases, decided by California courts and the U.S. Supreme Court in 2018, that impact the practice of real estate law in California. The program provides a quick overview of important developments in the law that all real estate lawyers in California should know about.


End of List - 20 programs - 25.5 hours