You Can't Go Wrong! Ethics + Competence + Elimination of Bias
2 hrs Legal Ethics, 1 hr Recognition and Elimination of Bias in the Legal Profession and Society and 1 hr Competence Issues 

LACBA’s Immigration Section and the Southern California Chapter of the American Immigration Lawyers Association’s program covers Ethics, Elimination of Bias, and Competence topics, including proposed new rules on trust accounting; how to draft an effective fee agreement; the ethical boundaries of using asylum as a means of getting a client into court; when/how you may run into ethical issues in the courtroom; and more.

Leading ethics experts share their insights, knowledge and scholarship on legal ethics, and update us on significant ethics opinions decided in the past year.

Originally recorded 2/25/17

Ethics in the Representation of Cannabis Clients
1 hr Legal Ethics

California, which led the way in medical marijuana issues, has recently joined a handful of states that permit recreational marijuana. Given that marijuana is still federally illegal, California attorneys are faced with a growing number of ethical questions about whether to represent cannabis-related clients. This program will guide you on how to effectively represent these cases, while also abiding by the California Rules of Professional Conduct.

Originally recorded 1/26/18

Protecting Your Data Through the Seven Seas
1 hr Legal Ethics

Data security and protection across the world is a hot topic directly affecting law firms, lawyers, and clients. In today’s world, the security of portable storage devices, and cloud-based services can no longer be taken for granted. Practitioners must take extra measures to protect their clients’ confidential data and their own from domestic and foreign cyber-attacks.

Originally recorded 1/11/18


The Courts Top 10 Pet Peeves (And What We Like)
1 hour CLE

In this program, Judge Klein and Judge Johnson of the Los Angeles Superior Court  tell us their top 10 problems with probate and trust pleadings, accountings, and proposed orders and give helpful advice on how to avoid them.

Originally recorded 3/16/18

Sexual Harassment Settlements in the #MeToo and Trump Era
1 hour CLE

The Los Angeles County Bar Association’s Labor & Employment Section presents this program discussion of how the #MeToo movement, combined with the tax reform signed by President Trump in 2017, could scramble the pieces of a carefully-completed jigsaw puzzle of a settlement by jeopardizing the deductibility of payments where there is a confidentiality agreement.

Originally recorded 4/9/18

Initial Coin Offering
1 hour CLE

Initial coin offerings are reshaping the way companies all around the world raise money. This program will show how they are transforming venture capital and finance, as well as the industries relying on them as fundraising vehicles. Listen to this panel of experts evaluate the most recent global developments.

Originally Recorded 4/25/18

First Amendment Law Roundup 2018
1 hour CLE

Three prominent First Amendment attorneys host this program to review the most recent developments and trends in First Amendment law and their effects on entertainment, internet, digital and social media, video games, and intellectual property.

Originally Recorded 4/10/18

California’s Rapidly Changing Landscape for eNotarization Technology
1 hour CLE

This program discusses the new methods, developments and laws regarding electronic notarization of documents.

Originally Recorded 9/19/17

Internet, Mobile and Digital Law
1 hour CLE

This program covers important new Internet law developments and legal trends affecting digital media and entertainment. 

Originally recorded 11/30/17

Breakfast at the Bar: Civility in the Courtroom and the Practice of Law
1 hour CLE 

This program is an informative and entertaining panel discussion with the Chief Judge of the U.S. District Court, Central District of California, the Presiding and Assistant Presiding Judges of the Los Angeles County Superior Court and a former President of LACBA. The program reviews our obligation to promote civility in our everyday practice and in the courtroom, while being strong advocates for our clients.

Originally Recorded 3/7/18

Strategies and Latest Developments in Buying, Developing and Leasing Contaminated Properties: The Pros and Cons
1 hour CLE

In this program our expert panelists share strategies and tips for the successful buying, leasing and development of contaminated properties. This will include a discussion of how best to protect your interests and limit your liabilities, the protocols for effectively assessing a site and obtaining closure/no further action letters, and the options available for dealing with governmental agencies to redevelop contaminated sites.

Originally Recorded 9/26/17

Nobody Knew Healthcare Could Be So Complicated
2 hours CLE

This program covers the variations in healthcare coverage and how the laws regarding coverage differ dramatically from one type of coverage to the next. This presentation discusses the regulatory framework for the different types of coverage and how the patchwork of federal and state laws governs such issues as mandated benefits, consumer protections, reporting and disclosure requirements, provider disputes, solvency standards, rights to continuation of coverage, and other similar issues.

Originally Recorded 5/18/17

Do Retail Tenants Now Have the Upper Hand?  Negotiating Key Retail Lease Provisions in a Changing Landscape
1 hour CLE

The speakers in this program examine the current status of retail lease negotiations and key retail lease provisions as they are being drafted in today’s world.

Originally recorded 05/24/18

Coming to A “____” Near You; Streaming, Video, Smartphone Or Theatre? How Global Interests and Technologies Have Revitalized Local Motion Picture Exhibition and Distribution
1 hour CLE

Motion picture exhibition and distribution, while interdependent, are often in conflict.  In addition to struggles that date back to the famous midcentury “Paramount” decrees, globalization injects new issues and technology has transformed the delivery of media to the consumer and the timing of that delivery.   

This program hosts a section of panelists who have first - hand experience on all sides of these complex issues; including speakers that have represented exhibitors, classes, consumers, producers, and studios in antitrust and intellectual property disputes that arise from these changes. This program provides great insight on how to balance the interests of exhibitors and distributors and to incorporate multinational considerations in legal decision-making.

Originally recorded 5/9/17

Credit Agreements - Basic Structure and Negotiation Perspectives of Lenders and Borrowers
1 hour CLE

This program will discuss the principal provisions in credit agreements from the perspective of lenders and borrowers and will answer the questions: What provisions are the most negotiated? Under what circumstances are borrowers able to obtain greater flexibility under a credit agreement?  What provisions are lenders generally not willing to negotiate?  What are lenders’ remedies when things go south?  Listen for more on this topic.

Originally recorded 5/17/18

Breakfast with the Experts: Injunctions, Receiverships, Attachment and Post-Judgment Remedies
1 hour CLE

Learn what the Judges and Commissioners in the prejudgment and post-judgment remedies departments (44, 82, 85 and 86) of the Los Angeles Superior Court Central District expect of practitioners regarding injunctions, writs of attachment and possession, enforcement of judgments, and receiverships (This program will be moderated by Mark L. Share). 

Originally recorded 10/24/17

Drafting and Analysis of Insurance and Indemnity Provisions in Leases
1 hour CLE

A seasoned real estate lawyer and an insurance industry expert will explore the different types of insurance and indemnity provisions found in retail and office leases and the multitude of drafting considerations.

Originally recorded 1/25/18

Non-Judicial Foreclosure Requirements
1 hour CLE

This program offers a lively discussion on complying with federal and California state statutes/laws that protect borrowers/debtors in non-judicial foreclosures.

Originally recorded 11/14/17

Internet Minimum Advertised Price (IMAP) Restrictions under California’s Cartwright Act
1.5 hours CLE

This program examines the huge shift in retail distribution channels to the Internet. Similar to Amazon, product manufacturers are increasingly turning to Internet minimum advertised price (“IMAP”) restrictions for their products, either to protect brick-and-mortar retail stores from the effects of stiff price competition by Internet retailers or to ensure the market-wide promotion of their products using their advertising funds.  While the Supreme Court’s decision in Leegin makes these IMAP restrictions more likely to be found lawful under a rule of reason analysis, California law continues to have a per se rule against retail price restrictions that may have a more sweeping impact on IMAP restrictions than would federal law. During this program, our panelists discuss the current state of federal and state law, give suggestions that may aid in designing IMAP restrictions that may withstand scrutiny under state law, and thus provide strategies to attorneys counseling clients in a fast-moving industry with more and more retail migrating online.

Originally recorded 11/30/17

Insolvency and International Agreements
1.5 hours CLE

This program discusses the ever-changing landscape of international insolvency, introduces some of the key issues and contractual language that addresses those issues, and covers alternatives to entering into such agreements that still provide protection for clients engaged in international trade.

Originally recorded 2/15/18