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This series features interviews with successful, inspirational, and impactful women in entertainment, sports, politics, law, academia, and business. Originally recorded in Summer/Fall 2020 as part of the 19th Amendment Speaker Series, this podcast is presented by the National Association of Women Judges, Women Lawyers Association of Los Angeles and the Los Angeles County Bar Association.

Episode 5: 
The 19th Amendment at the Intersection of Race and Gender with Paulette Brown, Justice Marsha Slough, and Patricia Guadalupe

Paulette Brown
Justice Marsha Slough        
Patricia Guadalupe
Patricia Guadalupe

MWC Headshot (1)
Hon. Michelle Williams Court


On August 18, 1920, the Tennessee legislature ratified the 19th Amendment, the last state to do so providing the two thirds majority needed to grant women the right to vote.  In practice, however, it insured voting rights for primarily white, middle and upper class women.  Women of color were largely not entitled to vote.  Native Americans did not become citizens until 1924 and Jim Crow laws, coupled with a violent Ku Klux Klan, ensured that women of color could no more exercise their right to vote in 1920 than Black men could after the passage of the 15th Amendment in 1870.

Our panel of women will explore the impact of the 19th Amendment on women and particularly women of color.

Panelists: Paulette Brown, Justice Marsha Slough, Patricia Guadalupe

Moderator: Hon. Michelle Williams Court

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Episode 4: 
Women Making Their Mark on the Capitol — Lessons from the Road

Betty Yee Headshot blue
Betty Yee
Sydney Kamlager        
Eloise Reyes

bershon headshot
Hon. Nicole Bershon
McGinty headshot
Valerie McGinty


One hundred years after the passage of the 19th Amendment, women comprise a little over 30% of the nation’s state legislatures and just 25% of those are women of color, while women represent over half the nation’s population. How can the promise of the 19th Amendment be fulfilled if women continue to be underrepresented in state government?  Join us as we hear from three women who are making their voices heard in Sacramento:  Controller Betty Yee, Assembly member Sydney Kamlager and Assembly member Eloise Reyes. The program will be moderated by Valerie McGinty, Founder and President of FundHer, a political action committee dedicated to reaching gender parity throughout our nation’s capitols, and the Honorable Nicole Bershon, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge. Ms. McGinty will explore with our panelists the unique challenges female candidates of color face when running for office.  Judge Bershon will lead a discussion with the panelists about their efforts to make women’s voices heard in Sacramento.

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from our state’s leaders as they navigate the halls of the Capitol. 

Panelists: Betty Yee, Sydney Kamlager, Eloise Reyes

Moderators: Hon. Nicole Bershon, Valerie McGinty

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Episode 3: 
Women in the Board Room and Beyond

Sarah Zapp headshot
Sarah Zapp 
Gayle Headshot
Dr. Helene Gayle        
Lozano_Monica Headshot - CFF
Monica Lozano


The 19th Amendment granting women the right to vote was ratified 100 years ago.  Yet a century later, women – and especially women of color – still have to fight to have a seat at the table in the upper echelons of the business community.  Hear from three powerful women in the business world – Dr.  Helene Gayle, President and CEO of The Chicago Community Trust; Monica Lozano, CEO of College Futures Foundation; and Sarah Zapp, Founder of Beyond Board – for a lively discussion about how they navigate one of the biggest remaining bastions of male privilege, the business community; how each has achieved success; how they deal with being one of the few women or only woman “in the room;” mentorship; strategies for starting out in the business world; and how to increase diversity in the business community.  This is a must-hear discussion.

Panelists: Dr. Helene Gayle, Monica Lozano

Moderator: Sarah Zapp

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Episode 2: 
On the Field and Running the Show: A Conversation with Two Leaders in Sports and Entertainment: Charlotte Jones and Jana Winograde

Hon. Samantha Jessner 
h_CJ frisco
Charlotte Jones        
H_Jana W. Headshot
Jana Winograde


Join Charlotte Jones, Executive Vice President and Chief Brand Officer of the Dallas Cowboys Football Club, and Jana Winograde, President of Entertainment at Showtime Networks, Inc., for a conversation about their experiences in traditionally male-dominated industries, their leadership styles, how they work to ensure they are not the last women to hold their respective positions  and their ideas about mentoring, among other topics.  You won’t want to miss this discussion with two powerhouses in sports and entertainment.

Panelists: Charlotte Jones, Jana Winograde

Moderator: Hon. Samantha Jessner

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Episode 1:  California State Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson on Leadership, Elections and Speaking without Fear

Hon. Samantha Jessner 
 Murillo headshot
Hon. Serena Murillo        
HBJ headshot
California State Senator
Hannah-Beth Jackson 

We are kicking off our celebration of the 100th anniversary of the passage of the 19th Amendment with an interview of California State Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson.  Representing the 19th Senate District which includes all of Santa Barbara County and western Ventura County, Senator Jackson is the Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee and author of landmark legislation aimed at strengthening California's equal pay law, requiring more women on corporate boards, and most recently, expanding paid family leave. Hear the Senator’s no-holds-barred view on the power women bring to elections, what women bring to the table as leaders in business, politics, and the court, the importance of mentorship, and the role of Title IX in competitive sports for women.  Senator Jackson, described as passionate, tenacious, and “not winning any congeniality awards in Sacramento,” talks about speaking without fear, amplifying women’s voices, and how women can support one another in positions of influence. 

Moderators: Hon. Samantha Jessner and Hon. Serena Murillo of the Los Angeles Superior Court

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Series Participants Include:

Hannah Beth-Jackson, CA State Senator

Hon. Samantha Jessner, Los Angeles Superior Court

Hon. Serena Murillo, Los Angeles Superior Court

Charlotte Jones, Dallas Cowboys

Jana Winograde, Showtime Networks

Dr. Helene Gayle, Chicago Community Trust

Monica Lozano, College Futures Foundation

Sarah Zapp, Beyond Board

Betty Yee, CA State Controller

Sydney Kamlager, CA Assembly Member

Eloise Reyes, CA Assembly Member

Hon. Nicole Bershon, Los Angeles Superior Court

Valerie McGinty, FundHer

Paulette Brown, ABA Past President

Justice Marsha Slough, CA Court of Appeal

Patricia Guadalupe, Journalist

Hon. Michele Williams Court, Los Angeles Superior Court

Holly Mitchell, CA State Senator

Hon. Amy Yerkey, Los Angeles Superior Court

Hon. Michelle Kim, Los Angeles Superior Court

Hon. Karen L. Stevenson, US District Court for the Central District of CA

Hon. Phyllis Frye, Houston Municipal Courts

Julie Gerchik, Glaser Weil LLP

Jennifer Leland, Robins Kaplan LLP

Hon. Elizabeth A White (Ret.), Los Angeles Superior Court

Patricia Lee Refo, ABA President

If you have questions, suggestions, or feedback pertaining to the podcast, please send an email to our Producer, Lynz Floren: lfloren@lacba.org

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