Lawyers of Los Angeles: 1950 to 2020
A New Book by Kathleen Tuttle


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Author Kathleen Tuttle in Conversation with
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"What an unexpected pleasure it is to pick up a volume titled Lawyers of Los Angeles and discover that it recounts much more than the anticipated history of one of the nation’s leading bar associations, encompassing as it does the 
unparalleled development of Los Angeles during the past seventy-plus years as a world-class metropolis."

From the Foreword by Hon. Ronald M. George


It is with great pleasure that we announce the release of the long-awaited book, Lawyers of Los Angeles: 1950 to 2020, which the Los Angeles County Bar Association’s Counsel for Justice has recently published in association with Angel City Press.

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This 320-page volume is deeply researched, filled with iconic archival images, and features a foreword by Ronald M. George, former chief justice of the California Supreme Court.  It is an intriguing account of L.A. law over seven decades – its lawyers, the Los Angeles County Bar Association’s growth and importance, civil rights battles, high-profile trials, counselors to L.A.’s creative community, members of the bench and bar dedicated to the public good.  Author (and L.A. lawyer) Kathleen Tuttle presents the untold story of a fascinating legal world, filled with extraordinary moments in L.A. history.


In a city and county (est. 1850) with one hundred and seventy years of history, Los Angeles law firms that existed for over one hundred of those years – and there are several – have had a mighty impact.

Tuttle-headshot6Lawyers have been outsized contributors to the "upbuilding" of Los Angeles.  Many of the city's lawyers became its mayors, as well as state and federal attorneys general, senators, jurists, chairs of the national political parties, ambassadors, business magnates, and moguls.  Secretary of State Warren M. Christopher, Attorney General William French Smith, and the nation’s first Secretary of Education, Shirley M. Hufstedler, are among them. These lawyers – members of LACBA, the largest metropolitan voluntary bar association in the country – left an indelible mark on the region and the nation.

More than sixty years have passed since W.W. Robinson’s book, Lawyers of Los Angeles (Los Angeles: Ward Ritchie Press, 1959) was published, during which American society, Los Angeles, and the practice of law have undergone deep, even revolutionary, change.  Today, the number of lawyers has increased exponentially; a segregated bar is ancient history; the types of law practiced have multiplied in unimagined ways; and Los Angeles is a global city of unquestioned influence. Greater Los Angeles is the largest city in California and the second largest city in the nation. It has long had a gravitational pull on the rest of the nation and the world in the creation of television productions, recorded music, and motion pictures.  The book journeys back to the founding of entertainment law in Los Angeles and explores the lawyers who enabled, managed, perfected, popularized, and often canonized movies, moguls, and stars.

Throughout, the new Lawyers of Los Angeles features portraits of lawyers and law firms who significantly contributed to the legal profession and the broader community.  It includes not only those acclaimed in their time, but also recognizes and honors those whose achievements were underappreciated.

In writing Lawyers of Los Angeles, the author discovered there is a hunger for more L.A. history; so much has been bulldozed away.  Telling of times long ago, enabling readers to glimpse the broad sweep – legends of the law with their achievements and occasional blunders; landmark legal developments placing the region ahead of the nation; the development and perfection of new legal specialties unique to the region’s economy like aerospace, Pacific Rim trade, and water law; and lawyer-confidants who fueled the entertainment industry’s ascent – turned heads.  Lawyers are, in fact, interesting and inextricably connected to L.A.’s rise as a cosmopolitan world-class city.

Don't miss this book!  It is written not only for lawyers, law firms, and the judiciary, but for journalists, librarians, historians, school students, teachers, and academics – anyone interested in the rich history of Greater Los Angeles. 

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