Samuel Lipsman Service Award

 Samuel Lipsman Headshot
The Samuel L. Lipsman Service Award honors a Los Angeles Lawyer Editorial Board Committee member or author who has provided exemplary service on behalf of Los Angeles Lawyer.  The selected individual will have made a long-standing commitment and material contribution to the magazine by, for example, serving as Chair and Articles Coordinator or soliciting, writing, or editing numerous articles or all of the above. The award is given annually in honor of the late Samuel Lipsman, Publisher and Editor of Los Angeles Lawyer from the Spring of 1994 until his death in 2013.

Candidates for the award are identified and selected by a committee comprised of the current Editorial Board Chair, the immediate past Chair, the Chair-elect and the Editor-in-Chief. The committee’s decision will be submitted to the Editorial Board for its consideration and approval at the June meeting.

Past Award Recipients

2020-2021: Chad C. Coombs
2019-2020: Jerrold (“Jerry”) Abeles
2018-2019 Jacqueline Maria Real-Salas
2017-2018 Steven Hecht
2016-2017 Dennis L. Perez