Los Angeles Lawyer  
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Closing Argument Style Guide 
Revised 7/20/2017

Closing Argument, a column appearing on the last page of each issue of Los Angeles Lawyer magazine, provides readers with an opportunity to express their opinions or views on matters of importance to the legal profession. Submissions should conform to the following guidelines:

● Articles should be at least 850 words long and should not exceed 950 words. Each article must fit the allotted space of one page.


Articles should:
● Address a matter of direct concern to the legal profession or judicial system.
● Address a subject or express a point of view unlikely to appear in the nonlegal press.
● Adopt a point of view in the form of an argument, observation, or personal experience of interest to other lawyers. Authors may write in the first person when appropriate.

Articles should not:
● Endorse or oppose candidates or ballot initiatives.
● Focus on public policy rather than the law.
● Use extensive citations. Citations, when absolutely necessary, should be written as endnotes and should convey only the most necessary information needed to locate a source, without comment.

● Articles should be e-mailed to the LAL staff as a Word attachment.
● A hard copy may be mailed or faxed in addition to the e-mail submission.
● Authors should include a brief description of their professional status and focus of their practice as well as background and complete contact information.

● All submissions will be given careful consideration by the editors of the magazine.
● The authors of articles not selected for publication will receive written notice.
● The authors of articles accepted for publication will be contacted by the magazine’s staff for further consultation. Authors will be required to submit a signed Release Form.
● There may be considerable lead time before publication.