LACBA Update Back Issues - November 2014

LACBA Launches Counsel for Justice: A Merger of the Los Angeles County Bar Foundation and Projects, Inc.

The Los Angeles County Bar Foundation, LACBA’s fundraising organization, and Projects Inc., LACBA’s public service organization, have merged to become LACBA Counsel for Justice.

Counsel for Justice will focus on raising funds to support LACBA’s public service projects: Domestic Violence Project, Veterans Project, Immigration Legal Assistance Project, and AIDS Legal Services Project, along with LACBA’s Center for Civic Mediation, which combined to provide pro bono legal assistance to more than 20,000 people valued at more than $4.4 million last year alone.

“The merger of the Foundation and Projects Inc. into LACBA Counsel for Justice is a fundamental change in the way in which the Los Angeles County Bar Association supports and delivers pro bono legal services,” said LACBA President Linda L. Curtis. “Counsel for Justice will not just be a fundraising organization but will become the public face of LACBA’s legal service projects.”

Counsel for Justice’s President Andres Hurwitz added, “The objective of this rebrand and reorganization is to create a clearer relationship between the Foundation and LACBA’s pro bono and public service projects that can be recognized and celebrated by all who support LACBA. Counsel for Justice will be a true staple of our community in providing direct and collaborative public service in the areas of domestic violence, veterans, immigration, AIDS legal services, and community mediation.”

The name Counsel for Justice was strategically chosen to clearly communicate the organization’s mission. In the name Counsel for Justice, the word “Counsel” represents the collective insight, resources, time, and talents of the volunteers, donors, and staff, who all contribute to the organization in different ways.

The word “Justice” is core to the purpose that is the direct outcome of the work of the projects and of those who support and volunteer with the projects. Counsel for Justice will also have a new tagline that clearly identifies its purpose: “Working together for a more just L.A.”

Counsel for Justice will carry on and expand the work of the Foundation, which has stood as the charitable arm of the Los Angeles County Bar Association for more than 50 years. Over that time, the Foundation has raised more than $8 million to support legal services in Los Angeles County.

Counsel for Justice was introduced at the October 23 Foundation Gala celebrating more than 50 years of supporting legal public service in the community. The Foundation presented its Vanguard of Justice Award to Shirley and Seth Hufstedler for their lifelong commitment to public service, and its Corporate Community Service Award to Mattel, Inc. for its philanthropic activities within the community.