LACBA Update Back Issues - November 2014

Available through LACBA: Mandatory Fee Arbitration, Law Practice Mediation, Attorney-Client Arbitration

As a lawyer, you have a resource for Mandatory Fee Arbitration through LACBA, but did you know that LACBA’s Attorney Client Mediation and Arbitration Services (ACMAS) provides additional services? Here's a quick list.

Mandatory Fee Arbitration (MFA) 
Attorney Client Mediation and Arbitration Services provides arbitration services to clients and attorneys that involve fees and costs for professional services. Governed by Business and Professions Code Sections 6200-6206, the parties may request arbitration and mediation of a fee dispute. Unless the parties agree to mediation, ACMAS will assign the case to arbitration for a hearing and award. The process can take approximately four to six months to complete.

Law Practice Mediation (LPM) 
A party may submit to mediation any and all types of law practice disputes that may arise in connection with the regular or daily operation of a law office, including private law firms or partnerships, in-house counsel, legal services organizations, district attorney or public defender offices, and agencies. For these types of organizations, the Law Practice Mediation program can address many types of disputes, including internal law office disputes involving partners, associates, staff attorneys or support staff (including fee allocation), disputes arising from firm names, partnership dissolution, firm breakup or retirement, disputes between law firms, litigation disputes arising from employment of expert witnesses, liability for sanctions, expenses incurred, or other issues. Other LPM mediation services address issues between attorneys and clients, such as claims of document or file ownership, malpractice, ethics and other performance issues.

Attorney Client Arbitration Program (ACAP) 
Parties entering the Attorney Client Arbitration Program have exhausted the right to arbitration under Business and Professions Code Section 6200. The law governing these arbitrations is the Code of Civil Procedure Sections 1282-1284. The parties may enter ACAP arbitration by stipulation or if the retainer agreement states the parties agree to submit all disputes to arbitration through the Los Angeles County Bar Association.

For more information about the services above, or if you would like to become an arbitrator or mediator for LACBA, visit http://www.lacba.org/want-legal-help/attorney-client-mediation-arbitration-services or call (213) 896-6541.