LACBA Update Back Issues - November 2014

LACBA Launches Counsel for Justice: A Merger of the Los Angeles County Bar Foundation and Projects, Inc.

The Los Angeles County Bar Foundation, LACBA’s fundraising organization, and Projects Inc., LACBA’s public service organization, have merged to become LACBA Counsel for Justice. 

Counsel for Justice will focus on raising funds to support LACBA’s public service projects: Domestic Violence Project, Veterans Project, Immigration Legal Assistance Project, and AIDS Legal Services Project, along with LACBA’s Center for Civic Mediation, which combined to provide pro bono legal assistance to more than 20,000 people valued at more than $4.4 million last year alone. (more)

Available through LACBA: Mandatory Fee Arbitration, Law Practice Mediation, Attorney Client Arbitration

As a lawyer, you have a resource for mandatory fee arbitration through LACBA, but law practice mediation and attorney client arbitration are also available through Attorney Client Mediation and Arbitration Services. (more)

Attorney’s Duty in Releasing Former Client’s File

Many attorneys have experienced the attorney-client relationship terminating prior to resolving the matter for which the attorney was hired. Once representation ends, the attorney has certain obligations that must be fulfilled prior to withdrawing as counsel, including taking “reasonable steps to avoid foreseeable prejudice” to the client’s rights. These obligations include the duty to release the client file back to the client or to the client’s new attorney. Practically speaking, the attorney releasing the client file faces a multitude of options in determining not only what needs to be released but in what format the items need to be released. (more)

Avoiding Risks When Closing Files

Generally, completion of the client's objective ends the attorney-client relationship. In terms of malpractice avoidance, however, it is prudent for a lawyer to send to the client a closing letter or "disengagement" letter. Such a letter not only will serve to document the discharge of the lawyer's duty in the event of a dispute, but it should also delineate in writing any issues that need to be addressed at the close of the representation. (more)

Clio: Legal Practice Management Software

Clio is a cloud-based legal practice management platform that keeps your all-important matters, contacts, and documents available anywhere. If you already use other popular cloud services such as Dropbox or Google Apps, Clio can tie them together in a single, easy-to-use system. With dozens of more advanced features like terrific time-tracking, comprehensive calendaring, and beautiful billing, Clio will save you time, make you money, and help you look polished and professional to your clients. LACBA members receive a 10% lifetime discount on Clio in addition to a free trial, live 1:1 Web demonstrations, and unlimited access to live customer support and training. (more)