#LACBA_DVP #31DaysofAwareness Fundraising Campaign

He pointed a gun at me and screamed “I am going to end this now!”

LACBA’s Domestic Violence Legal Services Project (DVP) helps thousands of Angelinos every year who are victims of domestic violence obtain restraining orders from the Los Angeles Superior Court. Last year alone, more than 4,200 victims came to DVP seeking help. Many were granted Temporary Restraining Orders, which not only provide life-saving protection to victims, but also assists the LAPD and LA County Sheriff’s Department by providing another tool to deal with the numerous domestic violence calls they must handle on a daily basis. That is why police officers, sheriff’s deputies, and County hospitals regularly send victims to the courthouse and to our DVP to seek help.

When Karen, a young mother, arrived at the DVP she was scared and shaken. Her ex-boyfriend had showed up at her home demanding to be let in. When Karen refused, John became enraged and began yelling and cursing. John then pulled out a gun and pointed it at Karen while their six year old son was standing next to her. John screamed “I am going to end this now!” With the help of the DVP, Karen obtained a restraining order to protect her and her young son. Sadly Karen’s story is not unique.

In order to continue to provide victims like Karen with ongoing services, DVP needs your support.

In conjunction with October’s Domestic Violence Awareness Month, LACBA and DVP will be running a social media campaign across Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram entitled “#LACBA_DVP #31DaysofAwareness,” from October 1-31, 2018, to raise awareness of DVP’s role in helping victims of domestic violence and to raise funds to support the ongoing work of the project. 

To that end, we are looking for 31 sponsors —one for each day in the month of October.  We already have several firms and foundations on board. Would you and your firm be willing to sponsor one of our #LACBA_DVP #31DaysofAwareness campaign?  

For more information, please contact Hazel Gaitan at 213-896-6417 or hgaitan@lacba.org. CLICK HERE for the sponsorship form.