AIDS Legal Services Project Success Story—Bankruptcy

LACBA’s AIDS Legal Services Project (ALSP) is grateful to have volunteer attorneys like Henry Glowa, who has been an ALSP volunteer for over 20 years, providing desperately needed bankruptcy relief for overwhelmed clients. Mr. Glowa is a sole practitioner who specializes in business law, bankruptcy, and estate planning.

His latest client, “V,” is a 64-year-old widow who has been living with HIV for nearly 15 years. She has been trying to find work for a while, and so her only income is $566 in Social Security Survivor’s benefits from her deceased husband. “V” once led a middle-class lifestyle with her husband, but with his death and her illness, she was awash in debt. When she first reached out to LA HLPP, ALSP’s collaborative partner, “V” had already lost her home in Rosemead and was trying to hold onto a small house she owns in Hemet. Since she couldn’t find work in Hemet or access appropriate healthcare, she had to shuttle between Hemet and a rental in San Gabriel.

Many months later, Mr. Glowa checked in with ALSP to report, “All of her debt (approximately $90,000) was discharged by the court, and I was also able to remove a $34,000 judgment lien from her home, so she now (again) owns her home free and clear of any liens.”

He added, “The more challenging equals the more rewarding,” and he has made a new friend, too. “’V’ is a remarkable woman. I am blessed to have been of service to her. I’m taking her out for a birthday lunch later this month.”

Since the house was in Hemet, Henry had to file for bankruptcy in Riverside County and spent 35 hours on the matter, including traveling to and from Riverside for hearings. That’s a lot of volunteer hours for a sole practice attorney; no wonder “V” had this to say about him: “Henry Glowa is the best attorney. He helps me from the beginning to the end. I give him the highest score is 10+.”


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