Veterans Legal Services Project Thanks Attorneys and Staff of Foley & Mansfield

LACBA Veterans Legal Services Project thanks the attorneys and staff from Foley & Mansfield for donating their time and talents at the Project’s August 17th legal clinic at Patriotic Hall in downtown Los Angeles. For several Foley attorneys, it marked their third time volunteering to assist veterans at the clinic. Their assistance is crucial in our efforts to help veterans overcome legal barriers to employment, such as outstanding tickets, warrants and criminal convictions. With confidence and improved employability, our clients are able to rejoin the workforce and move on with their lives.

Foley & Mansfield deserves recognition as well for their generous donation to the Project, which was made in conjunction with their volunteer efforts. We appreciate all of our supporters, and Foley & Mansfield has now joined a very special group who have donated their time, talents, and treasure. Thank you.

The LACBA Veterans Legal Services Project would not exist as it does today without the vision and continued support of the LACBA Armed Forces Committee. We would like to welcome new members to that committee: Lou Klein of Foley & Mansfield, and John D. Fowler and Jimmy Santiago of Gibson Dunn & Crutcher. Each has been a friend to and supporter of the Project for years. Thank you all for deepening your commitment to our Project and our Veteran clients.