DVP Volunteer Carlos Dominguez Shares the Story of Why He Helps

Carlos Dominguez is a deputy attorney general with the California Attorney General’s office, where he practices criminal appellate law. He became interested in volunteering with LACBA’s Domestic Violence Legal Services Project (DVP) because he worked at a domestic violence clinic while in law school. That experience showed him the need for volunteers and the immediate impact pro bono attorneys can have on the lives of victims of domestic violence.

“DVP does an excellent job of not only providing victims with first-rate legal help, but also providing a safe environment for victims to share their stories, said Dominguez. “It takes a lot of courage for victims of domestic violence to come into the clinic and ask for help. They come at one of the hardest times in their lives and expose themselves completely in the hope that they will finally get the help they deserve.”

As to why he volunteers, Dominguez said, “I find it especially rewarding to be that person to help victims through the complicated legal process of getting a restraining order. It is inspiring to see the spectrum of experiences people have when they come in to apply for a restraining order. For some, simply applying for the order is empowering. For others, the experience continues to be a terrifying journey that elicits painful memories, but also reveals courage that they thought they never had. Being able to be help these victims through this point in their lives is nothing short of amazing.

”I am thankful to Sara Rondon and the rest of the DVP staff for continuing to provide help to the victims of domestic violence and for allowing us to be part of that journey. As a government attorney, I am especially thankful to my office which has been extremely supportive and flexible with my continued interest pro bono work,” he added.