Represent LACBA as a Conference Delegate

Apply now for the 2018 Delegation

LACBA’s Delegation is the largest delegation in the state and has enjoyed tremendous success over the years by having many of its own resolutions passed by the CCBA and then passed through the legislature to become law.

Participating in the delegation is not only an opportunity to improve laws and promote justice in the California, but it is also an opportunity to enjoy camaraderie and networking with an esteemed community of attorneys who are passionate about a broad cross-section of California law.

CCBA brings together approximately 350 attorneys from across the state representing diverse backgrounds, experience, and expertise to seek, debate, and promote creative, nonpartisan legislative solutions to law-related issues for the benefit of all Californians. Following the annual conference, CCBA works to mold the legislative agenda in Sacramento by having its lobbyist work with California legislators on bills based directly on the resolutions passed at the conference.

Interested LACBA members should complete the application by clicking here. Proposal of resolutions for the 2018 Conference are currently due to LACBA on January 12, 2018 (submission deadline is subject to change). Click here to submit your proposed resolution.

Executive committee positions. LACBA Delegation’s executive committee will elect a secretary and three executive committee members on October 19, 2017. Nominations are being accepted for these positions.

The secretary serves a one-year term beginning in November 2017 and succeeds to the position of Vice Chair and Chair. Secretary applicants must have current or previous service on the executive committee. Nomination shall be by written self-nomination and must be received by October 18, 2017 by current chair Jodi Taksar at the address listed at the end of this article.

Executive committee membership requires that applicants 1) have been a member of the LACBA Delegation for at least two years (not necessarily consecutive) and 2) shall not have served on the executive committee for any of the immediately preceding three years. Candidates may self-nominate by written statement and/or resume sent to Jodi Taksar or be nominated by a current executive committee member by October 18, 2017. Nominators must confirm that they have personally verified the candidate’s eligibility and desire to serve, and that the candidate has been advised of the three year term and other time commitments. The terms of the new executive committee members begin in November 2017 and end in fall of 2020.

For more information, contact Jodi Taksar at (818) 374-2407, jtaksar@da.lacounty.gov, or c/o LACBA, P.O. Box 55020, Los Angeles, CA 90055-2020.