Support LACBA's AIDS Legal Services Project—2017 AIDS Walk Los Angeles, October 15

How Does it Feel to be an Immigrant Living with HIV in the US Today? Vulnerable. “In need of special care, support, or protection because of age, disability, or risk of abuse or neglect.” Those are many of the clients helped by the LACBA AIDS Legal Services Project (ALSP)

Join or Support our LACBA AIDS Walk Team and help the most vulnerable people living with HIV. 

People like MC who was scheduled for an ALSP immigration clinic but was seen driving in and out of the parking lot.  When she finally appeared 30 minutes late, it became clear why she was hesitant. Her whole face was swollen, covered with bruises and two black eyes, yet she acted as if nothing was out of the ordinary.  A once proud mother from Central America, MC entered the US with a visa and owned her own business for many years in another state.  But she was humiliated, severely injured and stripped of her self-respect by her ex-husband from whom she also contracted HIV.  Fortunately, through the U Visa program, MC was able to turn the abuse into something positive by gaining legal status. After three years, MC became eligible to file for legal permanent residency and is on her way to a green card thanks to the compassionate assistance of ALSP pro bono attorneys.

Today, close to 75% of all active pro bono cases for the LACBA AIDS Legal Services Project are immigration related. Immigrant women living with HIV are often victimized by domestic partners; gay men and transgender women are often victimized on the streets.  Fear of rejection and HIV discrimination often keeps them from seeking help.

Please help us help them. JOIN the LACBA ALSP/LA HLPP team and then share your fundraising page with your contacts and ask for their support. 

Or make a donation directly to the ALSP team.  All net proceeds from the team will go in support of pro bono legal services at the LACBA AIDS Legal Services Project where all services are provided through volunteers. That means we leverage every dollar into 15 times the amount in donated legal services. 

To learn more about ALSP,CLICK HERE.

ALSP is part of a collaboration, the Los Angeles HIV Law and Policy Project (LA HLPP), a unique collaborative partnership that includes UCLA School of Law, the Williams Institute and Inner City Law Center.