Justin's Story—Veterans Project Clinic

Justin is a highly decorated veteran of the United States Army who committed five years to service, which included deployment to Iraq, before his honorable discharge in 2012. Upon his return from service, he received numerous traffic tickets that he found himself unable to manage due to his struggles with unemployment, homelessness, disability and his reliance on fixed disability benefits as his only source of income. Unable to pay the tickets, he had little hope that he would ever overcome his circumstances.

When Justin came to LACBA Veterans Legal Services Project to seek help for these outstanding tickets, he owed thousands of dollars in fines and his license had been suspended. The license suspension presented a barrier to securing employment and prevented him from seeing his daughter, who lived nearly 600 miles away. A Veterans Project volunteer advised him on the steps that he could take to clear his record and aided him in the preparation of paperwork for the Court. However, shortly after receiving assistance, Justyn was seriously injured in a major motorcycle accident.

Despite this setback, he persevered. Upon recovery, he was able to file his paperwork with the court, which resulted in the dismissal of all cases. He has since reinstated his license and obtained employment. Most importantly, the resolution of his traffic tickets and restoration of his driving privileges allowed him the opportunity to reunite with his daughter.


November 11 is Veterans Day and LACBA salutes the men and women who have sacrificed so much for our country.

Did you know?

  • Los Angeles has:
    • The highest concentration of Veterans in the country
    • 3,910 homeless Veterans
    • 7,100 unemployed Veterans, at an unemployment rate of 6.96%, far outpacing national unemployment numbers
  • Legal barriers to employment continue to be among the most under met needs identified by  Veterans
  • Specifically, assistance with driver’s licenses and clearing tickets and warrants consistently rank within the top 10 of legal needs

The Veterans Project clinic at Bob Hope Patriotic Hall in downtown Los Angeles is held the third Wednesday of each month. The clinic assists Veterans in removing barriers to employment, including cleaning outstanding tickets and warrants and clearing criminal records.

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To learn more about the LACBA Veterans Legal Services Project, visit www.LACBA.org/veterans