Remember the Domestic Violence Legal Services Project on Giving Tuesday—November 28

Please remember the thousands of clients that the DVP assists each year, as you consider your gifts for 2017. Your donations provide the ability for the project to make sure victims receive the legal assistance they so desperately need.

Jessica is just one of those the project has aided. Here is her story: James became angry with me when I left some food out the night before. He grabbed me by the shoulders and shoved me into the bathroom where he punched me in the head, spit in my face, and forced me up against the wall. He screamed at me “I hope you die!” My children were present and crying, begging James to open the door and to let me go. I managed to get the door open, and grabbed my children before fleeing our home.

Prior to this, James has been physically, verbally and psychologically abusive to me. He had punched me and blackened my eye. James was violent towards me while I was pregnant and has been violent toward me in the presence of my children. He has broken my nose and threatened that he would take my children and I would never see them again. I have always been terrified of this threat and believed him when he said he would get custody.

Jessica came into the project in desperate need of an order keeping James away from her and granting her custody of her children. With the assistance of a volunteer attorney, she was able to receive a temporary restraining order keeping James away from her, and the children, on the same day she came into the Domestic Violence Legal Services Project.

Help us continue to serve clients like Jessica on Giving Tuesday.

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