DVP Volunteer Carlos Dominguez Receives Los Angeles County Volunteer of the Year Award

On April 23, 2018, Domestic Violence Legal Services Project Volunteer, Carlos Dominguez, was honored as a Los Angeles County Volunteer of the Year. Carlos is a Deputy Attorney General with the California Attorney General’s Office, where he practices criminal appellate law.  Having volunteered with the DVP since 2015, and given over 150 hours of his time, Carlos was selected for his dedication to providing legal assistance to victims of domestic violence. Every month, he takes time to come into the clinic to help victims, showing compassion and respect for each person he assists.  His positive attitude, warm demeanor, and professionalism are all valued by our clients and staff.

Congratulations Carlos!

Carlos Dominguez

“The Domestic Violence Project provides victims with first-rate legal help and a safe environment in which to share their stories.  It’s rewarding to help victims through the complicated process of obtaining a restraining order.  For many, the experience reveals courage that they never realized they had.”