Children are Victims of Abuse

A distraught mother and her 14 year-old daughter, Grace, walked into LACBA's Domestic Violence Legal Services Project. This is her story:

“My former boyfriend, Peter, only sees our daughter Grace every few years. Yesterday, he left five voice mails, telling me that I better bring our daughter to visit or else I’d be sorry. When I did not respond to his calls, he sent a text message which said, ’Bring my daughter and throw her over the fence, you fat bitch. I’m going to slaughter that stupid little girl.’

I went to the police and made a report. LAPD told me to go to court to get a restraining order.”

Children are often innocent pawns in relationships that have ended acrimoniously. A volunteer attorney assisted the mother in completing the 35-page petition for a Temporary Restraining Order, including protection at Grace’s school. The Judicial Officer granted the petition in its entirety.