Judicial Council of California Technology Survey

The Judicial Council Information Technology Advisory Committee (ITAC) has formed the Digital Evidence Workstream. It is focused on the rapidly growing and evolving area of digital evidence: investigating, assessing, and reporting on business practice, technical standards, statutes, and rules related to digital evidence. With respect to our justice partners, the workstream is charged with and very interested in gathering information on any standards, best practices, and challenges related to submitting digital evidence to the courts. The purpose of the survey is to inform the workstream in their development of rules, policies, and guidance in this growing area of court business.

To that end, we are asking you, as a primary source of digital evidence, to respond to a set of questions, which can be accessed HERE.

Our survey findings will be reported in aggregate and will not identify individuals or organizations. We are asking for contact information so that we can follow up if indicated by your answers.

We know your time is valuable and limited. We appreciate the support of all participants. We encourage you to participate even if you have limited experience with digital evidence, so that we will have as much information as possible to inform our recommendations. Please respond to the survey by July 31, 2018.