Domestic Violence Between Fathers and Sons

Manual, age 58 years, came to the clinic. He was unsure where to seek help, because his abuser was his son, not his wife. Staff told him he was in the right place.  This is his story:

“My son, Robert, is 28 years old. For the last five years, he has been in and out of jail for petty theft crimes to feed his meth use. Lately, he has very aggressive and frightening at home.

Three days ago, he was playing the drums. I asked him to keep the noise down. He came right up to my face, and said, ‘I can do whatever I want, old man’. He pushed me with both fists against my chest; I fell back into the couch. When I got up, he glared at me and walked away.

Yesterday, Robert strode up to me at a fast pace, and demanded, ‘Give me some money’. I said no. Next, Robert pulled back his right arm and punched me with a closed fist in my face. I fell down. He straddled me and grabbed me by the neck. He choked me. My wife ran into the room and begged him to stop. He let me go and fled from the house”.

Domestic Violence is not strictly between spouses or romantic partners. A Temporary Restraining Order petition may be filed under the Domestic Violence Projection Act between certain close familial relations.

A volunteer attorney assisted Manuel and the 35-page TRO petition was completed and filed. The Judicial Officer granted Manuel his order, including a move-out order against his son. Manuel and his wife were going to be able to live in safety.