Veterans Project Helps Navy Veteran Obtain Dismissal of Two Cases and Restoration of Drivers License

Mr. Tremmelle Jenkins is a veteran of the United States Navy. He enlisted in November 1979 and was discharged after three years of service.

After returning from service, Tremmelle began to struggle with a multitude of issues, including substance abuse, unemployment, and homelessness. Tremmelle successfully underwent treatment at a Southern California Veterans Administration facility, and has been sober now for 27 years.

By January of 2013, Tremmelle had received two local traffic citations. At the time, Tremmelle was both homeless and unemployed, and he lacked the wherewithal to go to court. Tremmelle was charged with Failure to Appear and a hold was placed on his drivers license.

In January 2017, Tremmelle secured employment as a parking structure coordinator for the City of Santa Monica.  Despite being employed, Tremmelle was still homeless and residing in a VA transitional housing facility. The hold that had been placed on Tremmelle’s drivers license meant that he did not have a reliable way to get to work on time. Public Transit did not always get him to work on time and this was beginning to jeopardize his employment.

Tremmelle attended LACBA's Veterans Legal Services Project clinic at Bob Hope Patriotic Hall on August 16, 2017 to see if there was anything that LACBA Counsel for Justice could do to help him. The Veterans Project assisted Tremmelle with his two outstanding traffic citations, drafting motions for each, and requesting dismissal of these tickets in the interest of justice. 

Upon review, the Court dismissed both cases and the hold placed on Tremmelle’s drivers license was lifted.  Tremmelle is now confident that he can keep his job as well as increase his hours and income after receiving help from our LACBA’s Project.

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