2019 Shattuck-Price Outstanding Lawyer Award Nominations Now Open through March 1

The Shattuck-Price Outstanding Lawyer Award, established in 1968 and is one of LACBA’s most prestigious awards, will be presented at the 2019 LACBA Installation & Awards Dinner in June. The award is presented to an individual who has made an extraordinary contribution to improving the administration of justice in the Los Angeles County.  The contributions may be the result of the person’s own efforts or the result of providing leadership or inspiration to others.

Nominee Requirements

The Award is given to recognize an individual’s contributions as a lawyer, as distinguished from contributions made as a jurist or while on the bench. Contributions as a lawyer may include those made while representing clients as well as those made as an author, educator, administrator, public policy advocate, government or non-profit employee, elected or appointed official, bar leader, community leader or in some other non-judicial capacity.

The Shattuck-Price Outstanding Lawyer Award Committee may nominate only individuals who, when nominated, are living, have not previously received the Award and either:

  • Are attorneys licensed to practice law or retired from the practice of law, whose principal work location (or, if the individual is retired, principal residence) is in Los Angeles County; or
  • Met the foregoing criteria during the two years immediately prior to the Award Committee’s first meeting in mid-March 2019, but have since relocated, joined the bench or otherwise changed positions. Organizations and groups are not eligible to be nominated.

When submitting a nomination, among the factors to be considered are whether the individual contributed to one or more of the following aspects of the civil or criminal justice system and the profession:

  • Enhanced fairness or impartiality of the legal system
  • Increased responsiveness of the legal system to changing public needs
  • Enhanced performance in or other improvement to our legal system
  • Expanded or improved delivery of legal services
  • Increased public knowledge or understanding of the principles and functioning of the legal system
  • Increased public knowledge or understanding of the high principles of the legal profession
  • Assuring access to the legal system and a just result for an individual, class of individuals or group who would have otherwise been denied such access and result
  • Advancement of the legal profession
  • Advancement of the organized bar

The following personal characteristics should also be considered when submitting a nomination: 

  • Exhibited professional or personal courage
  • Maintains high ethical and moral standards
  • Maintains high professional standards
  • Exhibited dedication to the highest principles of the legal profession 

Click here for more information and to see the award criteria.

Nominee Submissions

To submit your nomination, we accept nominations from LACBA members only, please e-mail the name of the individual, a letter of nomination, and a short bio to Vanessa Villagomez at villagomez@lacba.org on or before March 1, 2019.