February 2018
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 Met-New Persons of the Year LACBA President Michael E. Meyer named a Metropolitan-News 2017 Person of the Year for 2017

LACBA congratulates its President Michael E. Meyer, Los Angeles Superior Court Presiding Judge Daniel J. Buckley and Southwestern Law School Dean, Chief Executive Susan W. Prager who were each selected as a Metropolitan-News Enterprise Persons of the Year for 2017. To learn more about each of the recipients, please click on each of their names to read their profiles on the Metropolitan-News  Enterprise Website—Michael E. MeyerPresiding Judge Daniel J. BuckleySusan W. Prager.

 Dialogues on Freedom Thumb Register Now! Volunteers Needed to Moderate Dialogues on Freedom
Dialogues on Freedom is seeking judges and attorneys to lead high school students in debates focused on the preservation of American liberties. Using current topics in the news and situations they may face at school, home, or on social media. The program provides students with an opportunity to interact with lawyers and judges, many for the first time, while engaging in lively discussions about their constitutional rights and protections. Both morning and afternoon sessions are available on Thursday, March 15 and Friday, March 16. Dialogues on Freedom is a collaboration between LACBA and the Constitutional Rights Foundation.

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 Immigration Law Training Thumb Upcoming Immigration Law Training Course 

On March 22nd & 23rd, LACBA's Immigration Legal Assistance Project is offering a two-day training course that is designed for attorneys who are new to the field of immigration law or who have been practicing in the field for less than one year.

The training will focus on immigration legal concepts, procedures, and the practical aspects of immigration law. The training will also focus on the USCIS Los Angeles Field Office, the CSC, as well as the Immigration Court. For further information please contact Mary Mucha, Directing Attorney, at mmucha@lacba.org.

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 2016-shattuck-priceawardnominations Nominations Sought for Shattuck-Price Outstanding Lawyer Award

LACBA members please submit your nominations for LACBA’s Shattuck-Price Outstanding Lawyer Award. The Board of Trustees selects the recipient from a confidential list of nominees submitted by the Shattuck-Price Outstanding Lawyer Award Committee. Established in 1968, the Shattuck-Price Outstanding Lawyer Award, one of LACBA’s most prestigious awards, is presented annually to an individual who has made an extraordinary contribution to improving the administration of justice in the Los Angeles County. The contributions may be the result of the person’s own efforts or the result of providing leadership or inspiration to others.

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 Outstanding Jurist Nominations Sought for Outstanding Jurist Award

LACBA members please submit your nominations for LACBA’s Outstanding Jurist Award. The Board of Trustees selects the recipient from a confidential list of nominees submitted by the Outstanding Jurist Award Committee. Established in 1979, the Outstanding Jurist Award, one of LACBA’s most prestigious awards, is presented annually to a current or past member of the federal or state judiciary in Los Angeles County. The award is viewed as recognition of a distinguished career on the bench as well as for contributions to the community and the practice of law.

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 2018 Experts & Consultants Directory Cover Exclusive Member Benefit: 2018 Southern California Directory of Experts & Consultants Arrives Soon

LACBA's 2018 Southern California Directory of Experts & Consultants is the most comprehensive registry of legal expertise in the region with hundreds of pages of medical, technical, scientific, and forensic witnesses. This month, LACBA members will find it in their mailbox along with Los Angeles Lawyer magazine. The directory is an exclusive benefit that members can refer to all year long.

 LAL-This-Month-Thumbnail This Month In Los Angeles Lawyer

With adult use of cannabis becoming legal at the start of 2018, Los Angeles Lawyer conducts a focused review of how legalization presents opportunities and challenges for property owners. Earn CLE credit with the February self-test on how the IRS permits the exclusion of certain gains from qualified small business stock; learn more about parental liability when a minor child infringes copyright and about how local Judges are championing the cause of civic learning in public schools.

 GOLF-Tournament-Thumb Golf, Dine, and Network at MountainGate Country Club in Brentwood 
We work 80 hours a week and sometimes more. We balance work, family, relationships, exercise, and health issues. We get by on four or five hours of sleep a night because there is just no more time in the day, and yet we truly love what we do. However, periodically we look in the mirror and recognize that we as individuals need to kick back, enjoy life, celebrate our uniqueness, and recharge our spirit for ourselves and our families.  

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 dvp logo Domestic Violence Legal Services Project Volunteer Thank You—Judge Rashida Adams 

The Domestic Violence Legal Services Project congratulates Rashida Adams on her appointment to the Los Angeles Superior Court. Since 2016, Rashida has volunteered her time to assist victims of domestic violence and elder abuse at LACBA’s Domestic Violence Legal Services Project. Coming in twice per month, she has assisted dozens of victims who had nowhere else to turn. Listening to their stories, preparing their forms, and walking them through the overwhelming court process; she truly has made a difference in many lives. While we are saddened to see her go, we are excited as she begins this new chapter in her career. Congratulations Judge Adams!

 Immigration-Project-thumb Serving the Homeless Community—
Immigration Legal Assistance Project

LACBA’s Immigration Legal Services Project, located inside the Federal Building in downtown Los Angeles, serves clients who are trying to keep their families together. It also serves homeless clients, who often are struggling with the added burden of a mental disability, some confusion, or just plain anxiety as they struggle with their lives on the streets. One of our clients, who we will call “Rogelio,” is homeless.


 ALSP-logo Orrick Attorneys Ethan Scapellati, Stacy Harrison, and Michael Liever Defend Multi-Diagnosed Client Against Unlawful Eviction and Disability Discrimination 

“RB” is 55 years old and a long-time survivor of HIV and Stage 4 cancer.  She has been disabled for many years, often needing a wheelchair to get around. RB had been living in a non-rent control apartment for six years; a quiet tenant who always paid her rent on time.

With her health deteriorating and preparing for an upcoming surgery, RB approached her landlords for permission to add a tenant as a live-in aide. She had already been approved to receive government subsidized In-Home Support Services. The landlords, who had raised RB’s rent by a whopping 19 percent the year before, responded not with compassion or understanding, but rather by giving RB a 60-day Notice to Vacate – a heartless and pretty clear violation of anti-disability discrimination laws as well.

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magnify_1115 Denial of Fees in the Absence of Written Contract
Since 1979, California has required, with few exceptions, that attorneys must have written fee agreements with clients who are individuals.[i] Fee disputes result often when lawyers don’t follow these simple requirements. The 2017 decision in Leighton v. Forster [ii] provides a useful example, in this instance, demonstrating the inability to collect a fee at all.

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E&O_icon_1115 Are You Unintentionally Holding Yourself Out as the Partner of Another Lawyer or Law Firm?
While most lawyers realize that they are vicariously liable for the acts of their partners they might be surprised to learn that they may also be held liable for the acts of lawyers who are not their partners. 

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 lawpay logo

Recommended by 47 state and more than 50 local bar associations, LawPay is proud to be the trusted payment partner of more than 40,000 law firms. Designed specifically for attorneys, LawPay protects IOLTA accounts and correctly separates earned/unearned fees. LACBA members benefit from competitive rates, no startup costs, no minimum processing requirements, no annual subscription fees, and PCI compliance included.

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 ahern logo

Ahern Insurance Brokerage
LACBA's preferred professional liability insurance broker is one of the largest and most respected full-service brokers in the country specializing in insurance for law firms. From their comprehensive coverage analysis to customized insurance solutions and continued personalized service, AHERN helps you navigate the insurance market and identify potential risks to your firm one policy at a time.

In addition to their exclusive professional liability insurance programs, AHERN provides LACBA members with a comprehensive workers' compensation program from The Hartford. LACBA members qualify for a 10% premium discount through this proprietary program with AHERN. A dual policy discount of 5% also applies when purchasing The Hartford's general liability insurance in addition to a workers' compensation policy. AHERN also provides LACBA members with employment practices liability insurance through Admiral Insurance Company offering members specific law firm enhancement. 

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 LAL February 2018 cover

The February issue of Los Angeles Lawyer will be available online February 7.

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Wednesday, February 14
Dynamic Landscape of the Vapor Intrusion Pathway
Potential human health risks resulting from the migration of subsurface contaminants to indoor air, a scenario commonly referred to as “vapor intrusion,” are common drivers for environmental site assessment, remediation, and case re-openings. Our expert panelists will examine current theory, policy, and practice surrounding investigation, risk evaluation, and cleanup/closure decisions, as well as potential vapor intrusion litigation issues.

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Tuesday, February 27
"I Dissent": When and Why do Judges Dissent, And How...
The program will explore when and why appellate judges—at the state and federal level—choose to write dissenting or concurring opinions. What prompts a judge to dissent or concur? What is the purpose of these separate opinions? How do they shape the law? Are such separate opinions good for the development of law, or do they detract?

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Usury and Financial Lender's Licenses—Avoiding Issues with Private Financing

Don't Get Taken Twice: Contamination Issues in Eminent domain Cases

Lease Negotiations


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