February 2016
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LRS LACBA Lawyer Referral Service: Limited Experience Panel Membership Now Available
The LACBA Lawyer Referral Service (LRS) is accepting members for its new Limited Experience Panel, an “incubator” type project that allows less experienced lawyers to receive client referrals from the LACBA LRS. These panel members will be matched with clients who have simple legal issues or are of modest means. (The LRS does not refer pro bono clients.) The Limited Experience Panel is a great way for new lawyers to build business and gain experience. For more information, call (213) 896-6571 or visit LRS online at www.SmartLaw.org/membership. From there, attorneys who are interested in joining LRS can click on “Attorney Application” and will have the option of selecting either Regular Panel membership or Limited Experience membership in Part Three of the online application.
immig-logo-new1215 LACBA Receives Immigration Services Funding from California Department of Social Services
LACBA, on behalf of its Immigration Legal Assistance Project, has received funding from the California Department of Social Services (CDSS), Immigration Branch to provide immigration services for fiscal year 2015-16. Senate Bill 79 authorized the CDSS to award funding to qualified nonprofit organizations to provide services to immigrants who reside in California seeking assistance with Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) applications; Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents (DAPA) applications; naturalization applications; legal training and technical assistance services; and education and outreach activities.
oj Nominations Sought for Outstanding Jurist Award
LACBA encourages its members to submit nominations for LACBA’s Outstanding Jurist Award before February 19, 2016. Each year, the Board of Trustees selects the recipient from a confidential list of nominees submitted by an award committee. Established in 1979, the Outstanding Jurist Award, one of LACBA’s most prestigious awards, is presented annually to a current or past member of the federal or state judiciary in Los Angeles County. The award is viewed as recognition of a distinguished career on the bench as well as for contributions to the community and the practice of law.

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DVP-logo-new1215 March 16: Domestic Violence Legal Services Project Training for New Volunteers
Become a volunteer with LACBA Domestic Violence Legal Services Project and provide a valuable service to a vulnerable population while gaining expertise in the area of family law. During the course of a three-hour shift, a volunteer can help as many as three victims seek protection from their abuser. Volunteers interview victims, gathering information to complete complicated legal documents, thereby allowing victims to file for restraining orders with professionally prepared petitions.

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immig-logo-new1215 March 24-25: Immigration Law Training Course
Join LACBA Immigration Legal Assistance Project for this two-day training course designed for attorneys who are new to the practice of immigration law or who have been practicing for less than one year. The training will focus on immigration legal concepts and procedures, and practical aspects as well as U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and Immigration Court policies in the Los Angeles District Office.

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YIR2015-icon 2015 Year in Review
LACBA's 2015 Year in Review is a snapshot of the highlights of the year, significant programs and events that shaped our year and led to our ongoing success. Take a look here.

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council-forms Judicial Council Forms No Longer Available
We regret to inform you that LexisNexis no longer offers or supports their Judicial Council Forms that we've featured here on the LACBA website. As a result, you will no longer be able to read or download the forms from our site. This was a change in policy from LexisNexis, as they have shut down their entire platform. Many forms that were previously on the LACBA website can be found on the Superior Court's website at http://www.lacourt.org/forms/all. We encourage you to follow that link to find the forms you're looking for.
immig-logo-new1215 The Impact of Our Legal Services Projects on Our Community
Diana came to the Immigration Legal Assistance Project (ILAP) seeking help. Her 83-year-old mother was living alone in Mexico, and Diana wanted her mother to join her in the United States and get a permanent residency card (green card). To do this, Diana needed to become a U.S. citizen. Although eligible to file for citizenship, she could not afford the USCIS filing fee of $675, and she could not speak English very well. ILAP volunteer attorneys prepared a fee waiver request to USCIS and helped her fill out the naturalization application. They also encouraged her to attend ESL classes at her local high school and gave her information to register for classes. What happened next is just one inspiring example of how access to our legal system can change a life.

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vets-logo-new3 Thank-You from Veterans Legal Services Project
LACBA Veterans Legal Services Project thanks the attorneys and staff from Paul Hastings for their generous assistance at the Project's January 20 legal clinic at Patriotic Hall. Last year, more than 200 attorneys volunteered more than 1,000 hours to help veterans work through legal barriers to their employment, such as clearing outstanding tickets and warrants, and expunging criminal convictions—making a tremendous difference to Los Angeles County's veterans.
magnify_1115 What Rights Does an Insurer Have against Cumis Counsel?
Significant ethical issues arise whenever a lawyer undertakes the concurrent representation of more than one client in connection with a given matter. Some of these issues have the benefit of a well-developed body of law that makes them clear. For other questions, the law continues to develop. A recent California Supreme Court decision provides additional guidance to one of the murkier problems posed by this situation.

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E&O_icon_1115 Dealing with Security Breach Involving Confidential Client Data
Lawyers' computers are sometimes lost or stolen, or their data bases are hacked into, so that confidential personal client information is vulnerable to being used for improper purposes. Lawyers have an obligation to keep client information confidential and should take reasonable steps to protect the confidentiality of client information.

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lawpay LawPay
LACBA members are able to obtain a LawPay Merchant Account through the LACBA Member Benefit Program. The LawPay Program is the only payment solution recommended by more than 90 state and local bar associations because it complies with ABA and state requirements for managing client funds. Unlike traditional merchant accounts, it correctly handles earned and unearned fees. Thus, you can accept credit and debit card payments from your clients for services rendered or retainers. LACBA members save up to 25% off processing fees by accepting credit cards through the LawPay Program. If you are considering accepting credit cards or want to confirm that you are processing credit card transactions correctly, contact LawPay.

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credible1115 Credible: Student Loan Refinancing
Credible is a simple, free service that can help LACBA members and their families save money by comparing their student loan refinancing options. With Credible, student debt holders can submit a single form and receive offers from multiple lenders. The average law school graduate that refinances with Credible saves more than $40,000, and it only takes 20 seconds to get a savings estimate.
You can also check out Credible to learn more about important student loan topics.

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February 11
California Appellate Courts Walkthrough
This afternoon program at the courthouse is designed to introduce practitioners to the appellate courts and appellate process, providing valuable insights for all attorneys from new practitioners interested in learning more about appeals to seasoned attorneys interested in hearing about best practices from court insiders.

February 23
Annual Construction Law Update and Flaig Award
The 2016 Flaig Award will be presented to Marcia Haber Kamine, Esq., the first woman to receive the award. The Annual Update portion of the program will cover new developments in California construction law in 2015.
Disclosures Required of Sellers in Residential and Commercial Real Estate Sales

Introduction to Title Insurance

Trusts and Estates Symposium: Ethical Considerations for the Probate Bar and Trust Contest Strategies



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