Section Chairs Emailing Existing LACBA Members

At the request of several Section Chairs and many Section members, the Board of Trustees at its October 2017 meeting approved a change to LACBA’s privacy policy to allow LACBA to disclose to each Section Chair the names, email addresses and other professional contact information of members of his or her Section whose addresses are in the United States. The purpose of this policy change is to facilitate communication by Section chairs with Section members about matters of perceived interest to the Section. A copy of the updated privacy policy, which has also been revised to reflect changes in the law since 2004, can be found on LACBA’s website HERE. We encourage you to read the updated privacy policy in its entirety.

Because this is a change from the policy in effect when your current membership began, YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO OPT OUT of this information-sharing arrangement by writing or emailing LACBA’s Member Services Department at msd@lacba.org, ON OR BEFORE JANUARY 8, 2018, confirming your desire to opt out. Please note that, even if you do opt out of sharing of your e-mail address with your Section Chair(s), LACBA will still communicate to your Section Chair your name and State Bar number, and you will still receive emails directly from LACBA. 

If you fail to opt out on or before January 8, 2018, but later decide you no longer wish to receive email messages from your Section Chair, please send an email to (A) LACBA’s Member Services Department at msd@lacba.org AND (B) the relevant Section Chair(s) requesting that your email address be removed from the Section email list.

It will be each member’s sole responsibility to keep LACBA and the appropriate Section Chair(s) informed of changes to his or her email address. It will be the responsibility of the individual Section Chairs to maintain the confidentiality of the member contact information.