Veterans Project Helps Navy Veteran Clear Outstanding Tickets Leading to New Opportunities

Leron Franklin came to LACBA’s Veterans Legal Services Project in June of 2015. Mr. Franklin is a U.S. Navy veteran who worked in tracking and navigation during Operation Iraqi Freedom prior to his discharge in November 2010. While serving his county, he suffered permanent and lifelong injuries and is currently rated at 80 percent disabled.

Following his return to civilian life, Mr. Franklin had a difficult time readjusting. With both his parents deceased, and no family support, he soon found himself homeless and on the streets. To his credit, Mr. Franklin has remained sober in a scenario where addiction is the norm. Unfortunately, though, he began to accrue routine traffic tickets. Without stable work, Mr. Franklin was unable to pay the fines, falling further and further behind and risking loss of his car and driver’s license.

In June of 2015, Mr. Franklin attended the Veterans Project’s monthly legal clinic at Patriotic Hall in downtown L.A. Amazingly, he had worked himself off of General Relief by working two jobs, but still had not been able to obtain stable and permanent housing. 

With assistance from Veterans Project volunteer Ron Gilleo, Mr. Franklin succeeded in petitioning the court for dismissal on four of his tickets, and completed community service to clear the final one. Mr. Franklin called the Veterans Project this summer to follow up and express his gratitude for our help. He has since obtained a Class A license and has found a better paying job. Mr. Franklin is now able to look to the future with confidence and pride, and able to support himself in the civilian world.