LACBA 2017 CLE-in-a-Box Program Descriptions

Presale Begins Monday, August 15


Preventing Substance Abuse and Eliminating Bias
2 hours CLE credit including 1 hour Recognition and Elimination of Bias in the Legal Profession and Society and 1 hour Competence Issues

Presentation 1: Why are Lawyers so Unhappy? Speaker: Dr. Alex Y. Yufik
This presentation will focus on substance abuse and mental illness in the legal profession, as well as conditions which may result in an attorney's reduced ability to function psychologically, socially, occupationally or interpersonally. In addition, coping strategies and treatment solutions will also be discussed.

Presentation 2: Discrimination Based on Sexual and Gender Identity Speaker: Mia Frances Yamamoto
This presentation will focus on State and Federal Anti-Discrimination Statutes; Human Relations: Hiring, firing, advancement and restroom accommodations for transgender persons; Transgender students and schools; Transgender persons and police courts and prisons; Transgender records, status and identity—Originally Recorded 1/20/15

Ethics—All You Need to Know–2015
4 hours Ethics CLE credit
This seminar gives participants the opportunity to learn about important ethical issues that have a direct impact on the practice of law from the top practitioners in the field and acquire 4 hours of ethics MCLE at the same time.

Ethics Highlights of 2015

Working with Difficult Clients

Courtroom Conduct—the Dos and Don’ts of Litigation

"Something For Everyone: Everyday Ethical Pitfalls For The Practicing Lawyer"—Originally Recorded 1/09/16


Disclosures Required of Sellers in Residential and Commercial Real Estate Sales
1 hour CLE credit
The historic law of “caveat emptor,” which is Latin for “let the buyer beware,” has been greatly modified. Statutes require certain disclosures by sellers to buyers, and common contract forms used in California make additional requirements. Failure to make proper disclosures can lead to disputes and unhappy clients. In this seminar, experienced real estate agents will discuss disclosure requirements and common practices, and how they differ between residential and commercial transactions.—Originally Recorded 9/9/15 

Trusts and Estates Symposium: Ethical Considerations for the Probate Bar and Trust Contest Strategies
3 hours CLE credit, including 2 hours of Legal Ethics Credit
This year’s symposium focuses on attorneys representing families and avoiding conflicts of interest and attorney malpractice; and creative strategies in trust contest disputes. The first panel will discuss ethical dilemmas from the perspective of professional conduct rules, legal malpractice standards, and the practicalities of representing clients. Our experienced second panel will explore an approach to allow attorneys to successfully challenge or defend trust instruments.—Originally Recorded 9/15/15

Panel 1
Who Am I Representing? A Slippery Slope with Significant Risks
Marshal A. Oldman, Oldman, Cooley, Sallus, Gold, Birnberg, & Coleman, LLP
James Ham, Pansky, Markle, Ham, LLP
Daniel B. Herbert, Manning & Kass, Ellrod, Ramirez, Trester LLP

Panel 2
Strategies for Contesting and Defending Trust Instruments
Lauriann Wright, Wright, Kim Douglas, A Law Corporation
Robert C. Eroen, Eroen Law Firm

Choice of Business Entity Issues in Entertainment
1 hour CLE credit
This panel addresses the process of selecting the appropriate form of entity for entertainment projects, including whether (and if) to set up an LLC or corporation for a project-specific single purpose vehicle (SPV); when and where to set up the SPV, considering state tax credit programs and foreign corporation rules; where, if, and how the SPV should fit into the larger corporate structure; setting up SPVs to become guild signatories for the organization/project; and implications for foreign co-productions and international exploitation, and relevant U.S. tax issues.—Originally Recorded 10/14/15

When a Credit Agreement No Longer Works:  Documenting Amendments, Consents, Waivers, and Forbearance Agreements
1 hour CLE credit
This program will discuss the various post-closing documents that are negotiated when the terms of the Credit Agreement no longer work for the parties involved. It will also discuss the important provisions for both lender-side lawyers and borrower-side lawyers to think about when documenting amendments, consents, waivers, and forbearance agreements. This program is geared towards newer members in the profession.—Originally Recorded 1/14/16

Death Is Not the End: What Happens to Real Estate When Mortality Interferes…or Everything You Wanted to Know About Probate Practice but Did Not Want to Ask
1 hour CLE credit
This seminar on the intersection of probate and real estate law will cover underwriting and litigation strategies to avoid pitfalls and future problems, and will be helpful to lenders, underwriters, escrow, probate practitioners and probate litigators. It will identify and discuss common issues and provide helpful tips when litigating in the Probate Court.—Originally Recorded 1/19/16

Recent Developments in Remedies and Enforcement of Debts
1 hour CLE credit
Don't be caught behind the times - come and learn the fun twists and turns in recent case developments, including traps for the unwary. Learn ways to avoid writing "unenforceable penalties," lender payoff traps, and much more. This fast paced and interactive program will be built around True/False Questionnaire with surprise answers!—Originally Recorded 1/26/16

Breakfast at the Bar: Discovery - Duking it Out, Nicely, Before Your Judge or Mediator
1 hour CLE credit
Presiding judges increasingly assist in the informal resolution of discovery disputes. Parties also refer disputes to mediators. Hear from sitting judges and a mediator how they handle such proceedings; the do’s and don’ts when appearing before them; and how to successfully resolve your discovery disputes in the Civil and Complex Courts, and in discovery reference proceedings.—Originally Recorded 1/27/16

CalWaterFix: What This Multi-Billion Dollar Delta Water Project Would Mean for Southern California
1 hour CLE credit
CalWaterFix is the proposed project from the California Department of Water Resources and the United States Bureau of Reclamation to reroute water destined for delivery to Central and Southern California via the State Water Project and the Central Valley Project through 35 miles of tunnels under the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. A decision is expected by this summer.

If approved, the project would cost billions of dollars, primarily paid for by those who will receive the water, including a large share by the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California. What would it mean for Southern California if the project is approved? What would it mean if the project is not built? What will be the key areas of legal interest in the expected legal challenges? Our panel of experts from the Department of Water Resources, the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, and Environment Now will address the local pros and cons of this water project with statewide significance.—Originally Recorded 3/10/16

Recent Developments in Real Estate Finance Law
1 hour CLE credit
This iconic annual presentation will include a lively discussion of the most important developments, from both reported cases and new legislation, in real estate finance law during 2015, including insights regarding issues and impacts relating to the High Volatility Commercial Real Estate requirements of the Base III regulations.—Originally Recorded 3/23/16

Eighth LACBA-LACMA Symposium; Evolving Issues in Healthcare Law
3.25 hours CLE credit

Litigation and Traumatic Brain Injury
Experts present an overview of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and litigation Involving evaluation and treatment of sports-related injuries, from high school to pro sports,. Dr. Robert Bitonte, M.D., J.D. LLM provides a review of the standard of care for evaluating and treating brain injured athletes. Catherine Miller, R.N, J.D. of Cooperative of American Physicians addresses physician exposure in evaluating and treating sports related injuries. World renowned plaintiff’s counsel Thomas Girardi explains current NFL, college, and high school litigation strategies.

Consumer Remedies for Misrepresentation of Provider Networks
This timely topic will be addressed by Michael Bidart, an expert in insurance litigation. False and misleading advertising regarding health coverage and provider networks, as well as provider remedies for misuse of physician network status, will be discussed.

Obtaining Adequate Physician Reimbursement from Medicare and for Out-of-Network Providers.
Charles Oppenheim, a Hooper, Lundy & Bookman partner and expert in Medicare reimbursement and Daron Tooch, a Hooper, Lundy & Bookman partner and litigation expert in the recovery of reimbursement for out-of-network physicians, will discuss the impact of new Medicare regulations and recent trends in out-of-network physician reimbursement litigation.—Originally Recorded 3/29/16

The Future of Music Featuring Experts: Jeffrey Harleston, Donald Passman and Troy Carter: A Discussion on How Record Companies and Artists are Navigating a Transforming Industry
1 hour CLE credit
How do recording artists and record companies succeed in the face of the enormous legal uncertainty created by new technology forging the economics of the music business into unchartered territory? Hear insight into where the music business is headed from the General Counsel and Executive Vice President of Business & Legal Affairs for Universal Music Group, the worldwide leader in recorded music, music publishing and merchandising, a world-renowned music talent lawyer and author, and one of the most successful music talent managers, entrepreneurs, and technology investors. They will candidly discuss cutting edge issues involving the role of technology in the creation and distribution of music, including the scope of rights for derivative and transformative works, alternative distribution options, streaming music services and the economics of these services.—Originally Recorded 4/13/16

Breakfast at the Bar: Judging Summary Judgment: Best Practices From a Judicial Perspective
1 hour CLE credit
Winning or losing summary adjudication is often a game changer. Three experienced judges will provide their perspectives on how best to approach this critical point in a case and secure the best outcome for your client.—Originally Recorded 4/14/16

Breakfast with the Experts: Injunctions, Receiverships, Attachment, and Post-Judgment Remedies
1 hour CLE credit
Learn what the judges and commissioners in the prejudgment and post-judgment remedies departments (82, 85, 44) of the Los Angeles Superior Court Central District expect of practitioners regarding injunctions, writs of attachment and possession, and receiverships. You will have the opportunity to ask direct questions of the judicial officers.—Originally Recorded 4/20/16

Letter of Credit Overview – Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due
1 hour CLE credit
The panel will provide an overview on the history and purposes of letters of credit, the law governing letters of credit, the draw mechanics and enforceability of letters of credit, and certain issues that may arise both in and out of bankruptcy with draws and enforceability.—Originally Recorded 5/4/16

The Latest Developments of Environmental Enforcement At the Federal, State and Local Levels
1 hour CLE credit
Learn about the latest developments and environmental enforcement priorities at the local and state levels. Our panelists will include top representatives from some of the leading environmental enforcement agencies as well as from the private sector. Hear their views on environmental justice issues, whether an incident like the Flint water crisis could happen in California, and other local issues. Learn measures you can take to help protect your clients or company from environmental enforcement liabilities.—Originally Recorded 6/15/16