LACBA’s Legal Services Projects Impacted More Than 18,000 Lives in Los Angeles Last Year

Your impact is astonishing!  In 2015, LACBA’s legal services projects assisted more than 18,000 people.  These projects gave access to justice to thousands of people who needed a lawyer but could not afford one, right here in Los Angeles.

 More than 800 attorneys volunteered over 18,000 hours to assist people through LACBA’s five projects: Domestic Violence Legal Services; Veterans Legal Services; Immigration Legal Assistance; AIDS Legal Services and Civic Mediation.  The value of this pro bono work is over $3.7 million. 

 Each person helped by one of these projects has a unique story-like Tony, an army veteran who received an honorable discharge but sustained significant service related injuries.  Trying to get back on his feet, Tony came to the Veterans Project at Patriotic Hall with three tickets and a suspended driver’s license.  The attorneys at the project prepared motions to dismiss the tickets in the interest of justice so that Tony could clear his record and get his driver’s license reinstated, giving him a better chance of getting a job.

 Every project has success stories, some are life-saving--all are life changing.  When a victim of domestic violence gets help applying for a temporary restraining order that could keep her and her children safe, we may very well have saved her life.  Or the immigrant we helped get a work permit so he can feed his family--we changed his life and that of his entire family. 

 So thank you.  Your support makes these kinds of success stories possible, one individual at a time.  Giving them equal access to our legal system is life changing.  There is much more to do and your continued support will make the difference.  

To learn more, please visit http://www.lacba.org/counsel-for-justice