LACBA Update Back Issues - September 2015

LACBA Domestic Violence Legal Services Project: One Volunteer's Perspective

“Thank you for the opportunity to support the Domestic Violence Project (DVP) as a volunteer attorney each month. I have been coming to the clinic for almost two years, and working with the clients continues to have a profound impact on my life. ”There has not been one day that I didn't believe I might have saved a life that day. I believe you and your program save many, many lives each year.

“Not only does volunteering with DVP make me feel like I am making a contribution, but those around me feel like they too are participating in something bigger than themselves. Each day that I return home after volunteering, my husband thanks me for making the time for your program. The first time, I didn't think anything of it. But, nearly two years later, he still thanks me. He believes it is super important work, and he is glad there is someone in his life that is working toward making a difference.
”I am proud to be involved with this project, and you can count on; me supporting the project for years to come.”

Michelle Becker, Esq.

LACBA Lawyer Referral Service Now Certified in Four Counties, Attorneys Needed to Take Referrals

LACBA Lawyer Referral Service (LRS) recently received certification to operate in two additional counties, bringing the number of counties served to four: Los Angeles, San Bernardino, and newly added Riverside and Ventura. Becoming an LRS panel member is a great opportunity to quickly build business. Find a listing of practice areas needed and application information for membership on LRS subject matter panels here

Veterans Legal Services Project Thanks Attorneys and Staff from Foley & Mansfield

LACBA Veterans Legal Services Project thanks the attorneys and staff from Foley & Mansfield for their generous assistance at the project's August 19 legal clinic at Patriotic Hall. Since the beginning of 2015, more than 160 attorneys from firms and legal departments have volunteered nearly 700 hours to help veterans work through legal barriers to their employment, such as clearing outstanding tickets and warrants, and expunging criminal convictions—making a tremendous difference to Los Angeles County's veterans.

Attorneys in Quasi-Judicial Appointments and Social Media Malfunctions

Once information seeps onto the Internet, it begins a journey over which no individual maintains control. Social media naturally spreads counsel’s comments and information to entities whom counsel doesn’t know and will never know. Social media users acting in quasi-judicial posts (temporary judge, referee, or other court-annexed assignments) must grasp the difference between ethical use of the Internet and ethically risky online participation. (more)

LACBA Ethics Opinion No. 527: Legal Advice and Assistance to Clients Who Propose to Engage or Are Engaged in the Cultivation, Distribution or Consumption of Marijuana

The latest opinion from the LACBA Professional Responsibility and Ethics Committee is available HERE. To find a listing of past opinions, click HERE.

Risks and Benefits of Text Messaging

Texting is an effective tool for communicating with clients. It is fast, inexpensive, and some clients' preferred method of communicating. But texting also presents risks to confidentiality, preserving communications, miscommunication, attorney privacy and control. There are, however, ways you can reduce these risks. (more)

Credible: Student Loan Refinancing

Credible is a simple, free service that can help LACBA members and their families save money by comparing their student loan refinancing options. With Credible, student debt holders can submit a single form and receive offers from multiple lenders. The average law school graduate that refinances with Credible saves over $40,000, and it only takes 20 seconds to get a savings estimate. You can also check out Credible to learn more about important student loan topics. (more) 

MyCase: Legal Case Management Software

LACBA members receive a free 30-day trial AND a 10% lifetime discount on MyCase. MyCase is an affordable, intuitive and powerful legal case management software designed for the modern law firm. Get organized with contacts, calendars, cases, documents, time tracking, and billing. MyCase is the only legal software that also includes an integrated client portal so everyone stays informed and connected. (more)