LACBA Update Back Issues - May 2015

Celebrating New Attorneys and Members

On April 16, LACBA celebrated attorneys newly admitted to the bar by giving them a complimentary membership and hosting a reception showcasing LACBA's reach in the Los Angeles legal community. Attendees at the New Admittee and New Member Reception found career information and networking tables that included practice area sections, committees, pro bono opportunities through LACBA public service projects, and LACBA Counsel for Justice. In addition to receiving a one-year free membership, new admittees received free section memberships and free professional headshots plus lots of fun giveaways. LACBA Barristers capped off the evening by hosting an after-party to celebrate passing the bar. We thank our event sponsors and our volunteers for welcoming our newest LACBA members.

LACBA Adopts Civility Guidelines

The Los Angeles County Bar Association has adopted a Code of Civility Guidelines for all members to encourage respectful discourse with courtesy, dignity, and professional integrity. To read the guidelines in full, please click Code-of-Civility-Guidelines

Nominees Join Board of Trustees

Candidates recently nominated by LACBA’s Nominating Committee have been deemed unanimously elected and will join the Board of Trustees when its new term begins July 1, 2015. Officers are Margaret P. Stevens, president-elect; Michael K. Lindsey, senior vice president; and David K. Reinert, vice president. The current president-elect, Paul R. Kiesel, automatically assumes the presidency on July 1. (more)

LACBA Veterans Project: Removing Barriers to Employment 

Lamont Harris is exactly the kind of veteran for whom the LACBA Veterans Project was developed. He had the opportunity to become fully employed, but the tickets and warrants he accrued after his discharge from the Marine Corps were barriers to his keeping a good job. After his discharge in 1980, Lamont bounced around from job to job. Eventually, he became addicted to drugs and alcohol, and was homeless for years. After recovering from a shooting in May 2013, he moved to a drug-free residence, kicked his addiction, and learned a trade. But he still had nine outstanding tickets and warrants for his arrest, which led to revocation of his driver’s license. It was then that he came to LACBA’s Veterans Project for help. (more)

Veterans Project Thanks Counsel for Justice

In 2015, more than 90 attorneys have volunteered their time and talents to assist LACBA Veterans Project.  By helping veterans work through legal barriers to their employment, such as clearing outstanding tickets and warrants, and expunging criminal records for employment, these attorneys have made a tremendous difference to Los Angeles County's veterans. In particular, Veterans Project would like to acknowledge participating board members from LACBA Counsel for Justice for their generous assistance at our April 15 legal clinic at Patriotic Hall.

When Silence Isn't Golden: Misleading a Court by Omission

The attorney-client privilege and broader duty of confidentiality are fundamental to attorneys' obligations to clients. Maintaining confidentiality often serves clients well for strategic reasons, too. Adages such as "less is more" reinforce intuitive response to remain mute in such situations. Perfecting this instinct in judicial proceedings requires identifying what may, at least sometimes, be a fine line between silence and deception. Crossing that line, even if motivated by the worthy goal of protecting a client, may lead to disciplinary consequences, contempt, or conceivably even criminal charges. So where is the line between the "inviolate" duty of preserving confidences and secrets, and mandated disclosure to avoid misleading a court? (more)

Responding to Negative Social Media Comments

Suppose a disgruntled former client posts an angry rant about you on your firm's Facebook page. Should you simply ignore the post? Before you decide, keep in mind that social media complaints are available for the world to see and may negatively affect your reputation. Moreover, negative publicity from credible sources can result in a profound decrease in business. Here are a few tips to help minimize the damaging effects. (more)

AHERN Insurance Brokerage

AHERN Insurance Brokerage, LACBA's preferred professional liability insurance broker, is one of the largest and most respected independent insurance brokers in the country specializing in Professional Liability Insurance for law firms. With AHERN, LACBA members have the benefit of a valued consultant and professional liability insurance advocate. AHERN is prepared to provide superior service and exceptional counsel regarding the professional liability insurance needs of your firm. AHERN also provides a comprehensive Workers' Compensation program with The Hartford and Employment Practices Liability Insurance through Berkeley Insurance Company. (more)