LACBA Update Back Issues - August 2015

UPDATE: REVIEW GRANTED by California Supreme Court in County of Los Angeles v. Superior Court (ACLU)

The California Supreme Court has granted review of County of Los Angeles Board of Supervisors v. Superior Court (ACLU of Southern California). Last June, LACBA filed an amicus letter asking the Court to depublish or grant review, stating, “[T]he California Court of Appeal held that attorney billing records, once sent to a client, are categorically protected by the attorney-client privilege, even after confidential information has been redacted. ... [T]he Court of Appeal’s decision deprives the trial court and counsel of access to the most probative evidence of whether attorney fees claimed are unreasonable when the client declines to waive the privilege. ...” Read the letter here

Veterans Legal Services Project Thanks Attorneys and Staff from Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP

LACBA Veterans Legal Services Project thanks the attorneys and staff from Orrick for their generous assistance at the project's July 15 legal clinic at Patriotic Hall. Since the beginning of 2015, more than 150 attorneys from Los Angeles firms and legal departments have volunteered their time and talents to help veterans work through legal barriers to their employment, such as clearing outstanding tickets and warrants, and expunging criminal records for employment—making a tremendous difference to Los Angeles County's veterans.

Avoiding the Unauthorized Practice of Law
Proper management of your legal practice requires diligence to avoid the unauthorized practice of law. Recent cases involve two common scenarios including first, the delegation of legal work to those not authorized to practice law, sometimes without adequate supervision; and second, the representation of out-of-state clients in matters involving out-of-state law, without compliance with out-of-state requirements for the practice of law. These cases illustrate pitfalls to navigate in avoiding the unauthorized practice of law. (more)

When Clients Stop Paying Fees, Don't Simply Stop Working

Sometimes when clients stop paying invoices for legal services rendered, lawyers simply stop working on the matter, whether it is a case in litigation or a transaction that is moving toward closure. The problem with that strategy is that it is not sanctioned by the Rules of Professional Conduct, and if it results in some adverse consequence to the client, it could result in a malpractice claim. (more)

Insurance Specialists, Inc.: Major Medical, Accident and Disability, Term Life Insurance Plans

Insurance Specialists, Inc. is the preferred provider of major medical, accident and disability, and term life insurance plans to LACBA members. For over 50 years, ISI has administered insurance programs for the memberships of professional associations as a third-party administrator. Through ISI, members are able to access unique insurance plans at discounted rates with a simplified application process. (more);


Clio is the most widely used, cloud-based practice management system. Tens of thousands of lawyers use Clio to organize their cases, invoice clients, track time, and manage their practice. Working on Mac and PC, and through iPhone, iPad, and Android apps, lawyers can easily access and manage their practice from any location and on any device. Clio is the only practice management platform that integrates with other LACBA member benefits, such as LawPay for credit card processing. Los Angeles lawyers can plug these services together for seamless syncing of information. Clio also integrates with other popular software like Dropbox, QuickBooks, Google Mail, and Google Apps, letting law firms design their perfect practice from their favorite tools. LACBA members receive a 10% discount on Clio and a free trial. (more)