LACBA Update Back Issues - April 2015


LACBA leadership is continuing its long-term commitment to securing adequate court funding. We are launching this year’s effort to educate our lawmakers, and we welcome your personal support and the continuing support of the many local bar organizations that worked with us last year.(more)

LACBA Names Recipients of Outstanding Service Awards: May 15 Reception 

The Los Angeles County Bar Association will honor the recipients of its Outstanding Service Awards at an evening reception on Friday, May 15, 2015. The awards will be presented to the honorees in recognition of their service to LACBA and our five public service projects. In addition, LACBA will congratulate our newest 50 Year Club members. (more)

Law Rocks Fundraising for Counsel for Justice

ATTRACTIVE NUISANCE—featuring talented legal professionals from Allen Matkins; Greines, Martin, Stein & Richland, LLP; and Payne & Fears LLP—wowed their fans on the Whisky A Go Go stage, raising more than $10,000 for LACBA Counsel for Justice (CFJ) during Law Rocks 4th Annual Battle of the Bands on March 6, 2015. Law Rocks, an organization that benefits local nonprofit organizations through fundraising concerts, features competing bands of talented legal professionals-turned-rockstars in cities across the country. ATTRACTIVE NUISANCE played for CFJ to support LACBA’s legal services projects: Domestic Violence, Veterans, Immigration Legal Assistance, AIDS Legal Services, and Center for Civic Mediation. (more)

LACBA AIDS Legal Services Project: Successful Outcome in Obtaining Disability, Life Insurance Reinstatement and Retroactive Benefits for Client

My client was a 56-year-old gay African American man who was single and had no children. He was estranged from his family and had a few close friends. He worked as a word processing supervisor for more than 10 years at a large law firm until he became ill with AIDS several years ago. (He had been HIV+ since 2001.) He reached out to the  LACBA AIDS Legal Services Project (ALSP) when his long-term disability carrier terminated his benefits with the erroneous belief that he was no longer disabled. The insurance carrier not only terminated his disability benefits but cancelled his life insurance policy as well. (more) 

Veterans Project Thanks Activision | Blizzard

Already in 2015, more than 75 attorneys have volunteered their time and talents to assist the LACBA Veterans Project. By helping veterans work through legal barriers to their employment, such as clearing outstanding tickets and warrants, and expunging criminal records for employment, these attorneys have made a tremendous difference to Los Angeles County's veterans. In particular, the Veterans Project would like to acknowledge the legal team from Activision | Blizzard for its generous assistance at our March 18 legal clinic at Patriotic Hall.   

Attorneys Have a Duty to Adequately Communicate with Their Clients—No Excuses!

Every attorney admitted to practice in California has taken an oath that includes a promise “faithfully to discharge the duties of an attorney at law to the best of his knowledge and ability.” The State Bar Act enumerates various duties of an attorney, one of which is the duty to adequately communicate with the client. The duty includes: 1) keeping the client reasonably informed about significant developments relating to the employment, 2) promptly complying with reasonable client requests for information, and 3) promptly complying with reasonable client requests for copies of significant documents. (more)

How Lawyers Can Minimize Data Breach

Data breaches continue to place millions of Americans at risk of identity theft and fraud. You can minimize the risk to your firm by following these data breach protection tips, including reducing the volume of information you collect and retain to only what is necessary, conduct employee background checks, and never give access to temporary employees or vendors. (more)

Insurance Specialists, Inc.: Major Medical, Accident and Disability, Term Life Insurance Plans

Insurance Specialists, Inc. is the preferred provider of major medical, accident and disability, and term life insurance plans to LACBA members. For more than 50 years, ISI has administered insurance programs for the memberships of professional associations as a third-party administrator. Through ISI, members are able to access unique insurance plans at discounted rates with a simplified application process. (more)

Thomson Reuters

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