LACBA Re-conducting the 2017 Nominating Committee Process

LACBA’s Board of Trustees decided at its April 26, 2017 meeting, to re-conduct the 2017 Nominating Committee process used to select its recommended Officers and new Board of Trustees members for the 2017-2018 bar year. The Board had previously determined at its March 22 meeting that the appearance of a breach of confidentiality, demonstrated by media reports on that process, required an independent investigation of the 2017 Nominating Committee process. It established a three-member Task Force and retained outside counsel, who conducted an investigation and reported back to the non-recused members of the Board at the April 26 meeting. All members of the Board who had been involved with the nomination process were recused from participating in the discussion or decision on this issue.

Based on the findings of that Report, the non-recused Board determined that the nomination process had been seriously compromised by breaches of confidentiality and decided to re-conduct the Nominating Committee process for 2017, including: selection of confidential Nominating Committee members, conducting one or more meetings to determine a proposed slate of Officers and new Trustees for the 2017-2018 bar year, releasing the identity of those nominees, then allowing for contesting candidates to submit their candidacy, if any, and finally to determine if an election process is required.

“The Board of Trustees took their responsibilities very seriously and reviewed the detailed report and advice of outside counsel before taking any action,” said Duncan Crabtree-Ireland, LACBA Treasurer and senior non-recused Officer, who serves as Chair of LACBA’s non-recused Board of Trustees as to this matter. “Ultimately, ensuring that LACBA’s members can have confidence in the integrity and reliability of our nomination and election process is the highest priority. In this case, that requires the process to be redone. I’m confident that this renewed process will ensure next year’s Officers and Trustees can take office without any cloud on the legitimacy of their election.”

The Board noted that this decision is in no way critical of the slate that was produced by the Nominating Committee, nor any potential candidate individually—whether recommended by the Nominating Committee or not.  The decision was solely based on the compromised confidentiality of the process and was necessary to uphold the integrity of LACBA’s nomination and election process. 

The Board authorized the non-recused members of LACBA’s Executive Committee to oversee the selection of new dates for the new nominations process and to address any other election administration issues that may arise. LACBA will publish those new dates as soon as they are determined