DVP Helps Jose Escape an Abusive Relationship


While fewer men are victims of domestic violence than women, the level of danger is just as high.  Last year alone, nearly one in five clients who came to the LACBA Domestic Violence Legal Services Project for help were men.  Here’s the story of one of our client’s, Jose, who was being abused by his wife Celia.

Jose said, “I love Celia and I don’t understand why she does me like she does,” while he fingered his hand-patched denim jeans, which had been slashed in various places during one of Celia’s rages.  “But,” Jose continued, “I can’t live like this anymore.”

Yesterday, Celia woke him up after he only had two hours of sleep coming off a grave yard shift.  He said, “She slapped me so hard across the face, around the area of my left ear, that my ear started to bleed and I heard ringing.”  He continued, “I tried to fall back asleep, but I finally just went to sleep in my car.”  Jose made a bed for himself in the car, using pants and t-shirts he stored there so Celia couldn’t shred his clothes.

Later, when Jose tried to leave for work, Celia pulled at him, ripped his shirt, and stood in front of the door.  She screamed, “Either do what I say or you’ll go to jail.  I’ll call 911 and tell them that you hit me.”  Jose was so frightened of her wrath that he called his boss and said he couldn’t come to work.  His boss told him if he missed one more day, he’d be fired.

Last summer, Jose filed for a Temporary Restraining Order when Celia blackened his eye.  The order was granted, including Jose’s request to have Celia move out of his apartment.  But, she begged him and pleaded with him, and “promised to be good.”  Jose believed her and did not return to court for a permanent order.  “That was a big mistake,” said Jose.

“If this goes on much longer,” said Jose, “I’ll lose my health and my job.  It’s enough.”

Through your support, the Domestic Violence Legal Services Project provided free legal services for Jose.  Upon review of his petition for a Temporary Restraining Order, including a move-away order, the Court granted his request.

Today, Jose has a chance for a better life because of your support of DVP.