LACBA Offers a Balanced Budget for 2017

After several years of struggling to balance its annual budget, LACBA has succeeded for the 2017 calendar year.

“Achieving a balanced budget was not easy, and it has taken many months of work,” said LACBA President Margaret P. Stevens. “We had to make some very difficult decisions. For example, several months ago, our Finance Committee made the difficult recommendation to wind down LACBA’s 38-year-old Civic Mediation Project, which resulted in a reduction to staff and overhead costs. Last week, we presented a balanced budget. But our work to evaluate the revenue and expenses of our operations must continue. During the next few months, the Finance Committee will make additional recommendations to the board and staff as we continue to evaluate the efficiency of our operations.”

“I would like to thank those volunteers and staff who worked diligently for many months to achieve this result,” she added. 

In balancing the budget, the Finance Committee recognizes the importance of improving LACBA’s members’ experience. The budget includes much-needed technology updates for section and committee listserves, and software to streamline CLE event planning in order to increase support for section leaders and program chairs

“An important goal for the next bar year will be to encourage the use of online dues renewals. The more our members renew online, the more we will reduce expenses for mailing and postage of hardcopy dues statements as well as the labor costs in our mailing, membership and accounting departments,” noted Stevens.

Thank you for your ongoing support of LACBA.