Lawyer-to-Lawyer (L2L):
Share Your Expertise

Share Expertise with Colleagues by Registering with "L2L" in LACBA's Directory of Experts & Consultants

Deadline: October 1.

LACBA's 2018 Directory of Experts & Consultants contains a special section, Lawyer-to-Lawyer (L2L) Referrals, providing an opportunity for attorneys who hold themselves competent in certain practice areas of law to share expertise with their colleagues. This strategic marketing medium is a key ingredient in the firm's Professional Development Plan, giving a firm more competency to leverage, and creating new opportunities and value for its clients. The directory enjoys the largest distribution of any legal resource in the region. In addition to sending copies to all LACBA members, LACBA also distributes the directory throughout Southern California to numerous bar associations, law and public libraries, trial courts, legal centers, government agencies, corporations, and the media.

Deadline to register is October 1.

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