Where are My eBriefs? Taking Control of E-Mail Delivery

Have you asked yourself that question recently? As e-mail service providers become more and more sophisticated with the latest in anti-spam filters and other devices, oftentimes unsuspecting customers can "lose" e-mail they really want to receive. If you, as a LACBA member, stopped receiving your Daily eBriefs, here are a few troubleshooting tips to consider:

1. Your Daily eBriefs may have been mistaken for spam.

Anything from "sensitive" words to HTML documents to bulk e-mail sent to large groups of subscribers can trigger suspicion and thus anti-spam blocking in some systems. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are taking a pro-active, sometimes overbroad, hard line against potential spam, accidentally blocking e-mail that customers really want to receive.

Possible solution: Contact your service provider’s Customer Support to determine whether the provider is blocking delivery of the e-mail. If this is the case, ask them to allow ALL e-mail sent by certain trusted domains such as "lacba.org" to be delivered.

Possible solution: If the provider isn’t blocking delivery, look (or ask your Information Technologies Department to look) at your filter settings to determine what criteria if any have been selected for blocking. You can set your e-mail software to recognize or ignore certain criteria. To find this menu, AOL accounts normally have a tab called "E-Mail/Control." Filters in Outlook generally can be accessed via "Tools/Organize." You or your firm’s IT Department can try overriding the default filters that may have been pre-set by your service provider. To ensure your e mail filter does not block messages from us, please add our 'From' address (dailyebriefs@forums.lacba.org) to your Address Book.

Possible solution: You may be able to allow certain key words to escape being filtered by the system. This requires compiling a list of "exceptions" — sensitive words and phrases such as "sexual assault" or "rape," which may be contained in a criminal case summary, for example. However, it may be simpler to turn this anti-spam feature off altogether. (Some firms and government offices have done this because too much legitimate e-mail was being blocked.)

2. Your Daily eBriefs may be in your Bulk Mail/Junk Folder.

The Daily eBriefs are e-mailed to 15,000+ subscribers (bulk mail) and may be mistaken for unwanted solicitations sent en masse. Your e-mail software may be directing them into a Bulk Mail or Junk Folder.

Possible solution: Check your Bulk Mail/Junk Folder to determine whether your server is routing them into this "holding tank." You can find them each day at this location or try overriding your default filters discussed previously to redirect them into your In Box.

3. Traffic volume on your e-mail server was especially heavy at the time of the e-mailing, your server was "down," or your In Box was full.

The Daily eBriefs attempt delivery three times for each issue. Depending on the status of your e-mail server, it may not accept the delivery OR it may not forward the e-mail to your In Box.

Possible solution: If you miss one issue, most likely the delivery problem was temporary, and no action needs to be taken. Remember that LACBA members can access past issues, which are archived for 90 days, at www.lacba.org/ebriefs.

Possible solution: If your e-mail server was down for a week or more, your address may have been placed on Hold after a number of unsuccessful deliveries. If you suspect this is the case, contact ebriefs@lacba.org, explain that your server was down, and tell us what you have already done to attempt to fix the problem.

Possible solution: If your In Box is full, you can buy more space from your provider or delete old e-mails.

4. Your e-mail address has changed.

Simple as this may sound, oftentimes notifying LACBA regarding a new e-mail address can be overlooked. Another scenario might involve a change in your firm’s domain name whereby the old address was still usable for a limited period of transition.

Possible solution: Let LACBA know when your e-mail address changes. You can contact the Member Service Department at (213) 896-6560 or e-mail msd@lacba.org